UnLock Your Ambition

If you are unsure what direction your career and job search is going then UnLock Your Ambition is just for you. In depth 1-1 support to help you plan your future.

Trying to secure graduate employment can be challenging at any time but if you are lacking clear goals and career direction it might feel impossible. If you are unsure where to start with your career direction then the support available through UnLock Your Ambition is for you.

You will receive tailored 1-1 support over a number of sessions and our expert advisor team will help you get to a position of clarity with your future. We will help you figure out your own career path and help you plot actions that will help you work towards a brighter future.

How does it work?

First 1-1- consultation: Know Yourself

Prior to the first meeting you will be sent reflective tasks to complete. These will allow you to explore your  values, interests and skills and will be used as the basis for discussion during your first 1-1. From here you will be guided to resources to help you as you explore your career options. This will include using networking to find out about career options.

Second 1-1 consultation: Job Search Progression

Your second 1-1 consultation will be a progression from your first consultation with an increased focus on suitable opportunities and areas of interest.  In discussing jobs or sectors of interest we are likely to identify areas that require development and that will help you plan activities that will enhance your skills in these areas. By this stage you may have attended the UnLock Your Network event and started to progress through some UnLock Your Skills activities. These experiences and your learning from these activities will be an important part of your ongoing consultations.

At the end of this consultation you will have an action plan with relevant activities that will help you develop clarity and purpose in your future goals.

Third 1-1 Consultation: Moving forward

This concluding 1-1 is building on 1 & 2. Your advisor has a more detailed understanding of the your situation situation, including personal barriers to progression:

  • The advisor will help you reflect on the various stages/activities completed and help you understand how you have progressed.
  • There will be a focus, where possible, on specific opportunities and actions the you should take forward or apply for.
  • Your advisor will identify specific learning activities that will support you in continuing your personal development journey.

Online Activities

Prior to and between your consultations you will be asked to engage in relevant online activities that will help you improve self development and enhance your sense of career direction.

Our suite of Career Assessments help enhance your self awareness and are available to you at any time:

Career Assessments

The UnLockU Programme The UnLockU Programme

Play it

The UnLockU Programme

UnLock Your Network  UnLock Your Network

Play it

UnLock Your Network

UnLock Your Skills  UnLock Your Skills

Play it

UnLock Your Skills

UnLock Your Ambition  UnLock Your Ambition

Play it

UnLock Your Ambition


To get in touch please email: careers@ulster.ac.uk

Meet the team

Eilis Spence

Employability Adviser

Employability Services Unit

Dr Stella So

Senior Employability Adviser

Employability Services Unit

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Employability Adviser

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