Enhance your understanding of leadership and work towards becoming a future leader.

UnLock Your Skills: Leadership

As you become a graduate, employer's can will have a certain expectation that you will bring the added value that degree level study brings. Depending on the sector this might mean better technical skills, stronger commercial awareness, enhanced problem solving or a more professional approach to communication.

Employers will also have the expectation that you have leadership potential or, depending on the role, you are ready to start leading and managing projects or other staff.

This section will help you understand the important of leadership, how to assess your current leadership capabilities and how you can work towards becoming a future leader in your sector.

Professor of Leadership and Provost (Coleraine) Prof Karise Hutchinson introduces leadership to you and how you can enhance your leadership skills in the context of graduating in a challenging labour market:

Introducing leadership Introducing leadership

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Introducing leadership

What is leadership?  What is leadership?

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What is leadership?

The key skills of leadership  The key skills of leadership

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The key skills of leadership

Leadership in recruitment processes  Leadership in recruitment processes

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Leadership in recruitment processes

Learning resources

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