Self awareness

Self-Awareness can be considered as the foundation of your future career success.

Career decisions, personal development and career progress rely on you understanding who you are, what skills you have, what areas for development you need to address. Developing self awareness is crucial now but will always remain a key aspect in how you fulfil your potential.

Higher levels of self-awareness have been proven to correlate with improved performance.  Lack of self-awareness cannot only create barriers to career growth but can also have detrimental effect on identifying an individual’s potential and confidence.


Understanding your motivations, preferences and values 

Through self-assessment and reflection, students can identify their strengths and weaknesses to become more aware of areas they excel, but more importantly, become more aware of areas in which they need to improve in.

To assist you in developing your self awareness you should start by completing a number of online self assessments via this link.  These include Management Skills, Learning Styles, Personality Insight, Strengths, Personal Resilience and many more.  These career assessments help you understand how a variety of personal attributes could potentially impact your career.

Taking some time to reflect on what you have done so far is a crucial step you need to take. One of the most common challenges students face in developing their self awareness is that they do not recognise the skills and qualities they possess. If you don't take the time to recognise what you have achieved, how can you expect to 'sell' your experience and achievments to an employer?

Online self assessments

Developing Self Awareness & Confidence through EDGE

A great way to be self-aware is to get involved in the EDGE Award.  We will help you map out the activities that you can complete that will help you develop the skills and confidence you want and need for your career.

Call into the Employability & Careers Hub for advice or check out our range of EDGE Award activities via this link.