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Improving your interview skills

Improving your interview skills is one of the most important things you can do during your time at University. You will probably be applying for internships, placements and graduate opportunities so job interviews.The good news is that Employability & Careers can help you to improve all areas of interviews from how to prepare, advice on what to wear and how to project yourself with confidence.

Our team of expert Employability Advisors are here to help you improve and whether you have real anxiety about interviews or if you've never even had an interview we can help you improve. Employability Advisor, Laura Cranston provides some top tips:

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Overcoming interview nerves

Preparing and structuring interview answers

Online Interview Coaching

The Shortlister platform allows you to practice your interview skills by completing relevant groups of interview questions. These are tailored to different job types e.g. placement and in some cases, to specific sectors.

Complete an Online interview on Shortlister and our Employability Advisor team will get back to you with specific feedback and to offer additional support if required

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Different types of interview

Employers use a variety of approaches when interviewing students and graduates. This ranges from a traditional, competency based approach to strength based interviews.

How to prepare for the perfect interview

Preparation is everything and you can prepare almost completely for any job interview.

How to project positive body language

Projecting positive body language can make you feel more confident and also helps create a positive impression to the interview panel.

Downloads & Templates

The following guides will help you improve your interview skills:

Interview preparation

Using the STAR technique to improve your answers