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The Importance of Resilience

To be successful and happy in an ever-changing, unpredictable world we all need to think about how we can become more resilient.

The ability to be resilient is likely to improve as you gain more life experiences, especially those experiences which prove difficult and offer the most significant learning and growth for you as a person. To learn from your different experiences it is important to reflect and consider what you experienced, how you navigated and managed that challenge and what you can learn from your experience.

Having come through a challenging period in your early career you may well feel more resilient than you were previously. Consider challenges in your work experience and you will identify difficult challenges that have helped you develop your resilience. As you progress in your career you will continue to face challenges and by proactive enhancing your resilience you can be better prepared for those difficult moments.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic resilience was one of the top employability skills required by graduate employers. Going forward, the need to work independently, across teams, on multiple projects, with ever changing circumstances mean that it is important for you to proactively enhance your resilience.

You can enhance your resilience now and we will help you understand why it is important and what you can do to keep growing your resilience.

Introducing resilience
What is resilience?
Why is resilience so important?
How resilient are you?
Building your resilience

Learning resources

The following activities and learning resources will support you in enhancing your resilience