Go for it!

26 March 2021

Let's hear from Rebakah Richmond, BSc Hons Computing Technologies:

My name is Rebekah Richmond and I’m currently a final year student studying Computing Technologies. I have enjoyed every second of my time at Ulster and I can’t believe my University adventure will be soon coming to an end!

For my third year at University, I completed my placement with a tech consulting company in Boston. Being a homebird from rural Co.Fermanagh, this was a massive step for me to move across the pond. Boston is an incredible city and I adopted it as my new home. It was certainly a rollercoaster at the beginning, feeling homesick, navigating around a new city, and getting settled into a job but it was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. Moving away teaches you a lot about yourself and just how adaptable we can be. I loved working full-time as part of a fantastic team of people based all over America. Going abroad for my placement was the best decision I have ever made, it was exciting, nerve-wrecking, scary and a lot of other emotions but it let me see another part of the world and gain incredible life and work experience! Obviously it's difficult to think about going abroad right now but when the opportunity arises I say GO FOR IT!

I also participated in different EDGE award activities throughout my time at University. From hackathons to employer programmes with Citi and First Derivatives, these activities really helped my boost my confidence but are also a fantastic talking point in interviews.

Both the Employability & Careers team and Global Mobility teams were a big support in my application process. They helped me change my CV into a Resume, prepared me for my interview and were just there if I had any questions. I wouldn’t have achieved it without them!

I’m excited to see what the future holds once I graduate and learn more about the rapidly growing IT industry.

Good luck with your studies and enjoy it!

Employability & Careers are here to help you so if you have any questions please just get in touch by emailing careers@ulster.ac.uk