Getting reconnected

31 January 2021

Over this past year we have all struggled with a lack of connection with others. We miss our family and friends and the ‘normal’ activities that invariably involve connecting with people we know and don’t know. You have missed your peers and all those conversations you would have over lunch, coffee or waiting in the queue at the campus shop. Many of those conversations would probably have been about assessment, lectures and your search for jobs and placements.

The lack of connection we continue to experience impacts on your employability and search for jobs, work experience and placement. And when connections and networks are the most important part of your job or placement search things can begin to feel out of reach. But whilst things are difficult a positive future is not out of reach.

Over 9000 job applications have been submitted through our Handshake platform so opportunities do exist and many students are actively applying.

We know that you have your own circumstances and challenges and we are going to do our best to help you get re-connected. Re-connected with your career journey, your search for work experience and your plans beyond University.

If you are struggling with your job or placement search or maybe you are entering your final semester of University and are anxious about what comes next, we would love to help you. A 30 minute conversation with our expert advisor team could be just the start of you taking control of your future. We have advised literally thousands of students across campuses and subject areas and it’s our job to help you. You can book your own appointment or simply email

Register for the Work Experience & Placement Fair

On 17th February the Virtual Work Experience & Placement Fair is an opportunity for you to explore opportunities, expand your network and be more informed about current and future career opportunities. We will help you prepare for the fair in a number of ways so that you understand the format and how you can get as much as possible from the event.

The event itself is for Year 1 and 2 students across subject areas and is about helping you explore, identify and learn about work experience, internship and placement opportunities.

Alongside finding new and exciting opportunities, your attendance at this event can play a key role in how you move forward. Registering and attending and getting as much as you can from the event will help you take positive action, be more informed, see and hear about the possibilities of a positive future.

Check out our other upcoming events too because they will also help you take positive action and taking control is the best thing you can do. They will help you improve your perspective on your career options, will help you become more informed of your career options and will help you develop new skills.