Future Skills Week: The Student perspective

17 May 2021

Liv Elsey, BSc Hons History with English shares her thoughts on why Future Skills Week is an opportunity not to be missed:

Future Skills Week is an opportunity that will prove invaluable to Ulster students and graduates! Given the interrupted year that we have all been through, the transition to placement, final year or even graduating has been difficult, to say the least. But fear not! For this week of events, including some incredible guest speakers will significantly boost your confidence, self-belief, and ultimately enhance your career opportunities. There is a topic for absolutely everyone, so let’s have a quick glimpse and see what each day has to offer!

Monday 24th May

What a way to kick off the week! The wonderfully inspiring Katie Piper will be offering us an insight into true resilience, confidence, and sharing the answer to happiness. Do you have a brain bursting with business ideas? Don’t miss Developing Your Business Idea into Reality. Perhaps you have a side hustle that you would love to turn into a full-time job? The Entrepreneur Factor- Do You Have It? is the session for you! Founder of the Mind Tribe, Katie Matthews will be sharing brilliant tips on looking after your mental health; and the first Careers Café of the week will look at personal branding for the creative industries.

Tuesday 25th May

We can all benefit from refresher sessions, so sign up to the Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel workshops in the morning. Do you want to boost your confidence and put yourself out there by making a video CV? Peter Craven from BlueSky Video will help you do that! Throughout the course of your career, you are going to face rejection, but that is completely OK. Join the session on resilience and learn how to bounce back and move forward! Throw out your bath bombs and candles (just joking!) and tune in to Katie Matthews from Mind Tribe’s talk on more practical forms of self-care to end the day’s events.

Wednesday 26th May

The bread and butter of a student’s university degree is writing essays or assignments, so why not set your alarm to attend a quick refresher of Microsoft Word. You can also join Ellie Francis as she shares advice about boosting your presence on LinkedIn to achieve career growth! Does the thought of an interview terrify you? Maybe you would benefit from the Careers Café session, where guest speakers include former UU students, offering practical tips on calming your interview nerves. Anne Orr from Boards123 will help you improve your communication skills and own your career journey, in another fun workshop!

Thursday 27th May

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Allison Hutchinson is going to share with you his advice on ditching Plan A, B, and C, dive into the open, and build fantastic employability skills. Getting your personal brand right is important, so Billy Dixon is going to walk us through how to perfect it and achieve career excellence! There are also some great sessions teaching you how to maximise your career growth as graduates and young professionals. Sign up for Accelerated Self-Management with James Perry. Ending today’s sessions is an exciting chat with players from NI Senior Women’s football team, about their massive victory- qualification for next year’s Euro 2022 finals.

Friday 28th May

The week has already included some insightful events, so how can it get any better on the last day? The week’s final Careers Café will be useful if you’re unsure what to do after graduating, as there are many brilliant speakers offering their thoughts and experiences of being in that very same position including Sarah Gregg - Entrepreneur, Psychologist and Published Author, alumna from Ulster University, showcasing her evidence-based self-improvement strategies.  “At the Power to Reinvent”, you can expect down to earth, straight-talking, no-nonsense advice. Is learning about sustainability in tech your cup of tea? Then register for the discussion led by Susan Hayes Culleton, who will discuss these mega-trends and their impact on future careers. To round off the week of events, the inspirational and joyful David Meade will provide an infectious, interactive session to help you unlock your potential and amplify your success in your life and career.

Check out the full programme of events at Future Skills Week