The Portal has links to a number of Student Administration services.

Please go to and refer to the relevant tiles in the Student area.

The range of services  include:

  • the Online Enrolment System which enables students to enrol at the start of the academic year
  • the Online Graduation System enabling students to register to attend graduation
  • the facility to check and update your personal and address information, including telephone numbers, to pay fees by credit/debit card and to notify the University if you are absent due to illness
  • the facility to check your study programme and the modules for which you are enrolled


The Portal has links to Past Papers, Examination Timetables and, in due course, Exam Board decisions and marks.

Please go to and refer to the relevant tiles in the Student area.

Release of Marks

Decisions of examination boards (including recommendations for awards in the case of students who have successfully completed their course) will be made available through  the Portal in accordance with the schedule for the publication of examination board decisions. This schedule will be posted on the Portal at the above address during the first week of examinations for each assessment period (including the August re-sit examinations).

You should check the schedule for the appropriate examination period, when it becomes available. The release of progress decisions is not conditional on completing the student satisfaction survey. It is intended that, later in Semester 2, decisions of examination boards will also be made available in Banner Self Service accessible through the Portal.

Please Note: Students are responsible, under University regulations, for finding out their results.

Important information for all Leavers!

As a leaver your access to centrally managed university IT systems will be disabled on a schedule based on your leaver status.

For more details of this schedule, and how to retain access to your Office 365 email after all other systems (including OneDrive) are withdrawn, please see our Keep My Email advice page.

Please note that you are responsible for copying any personal information from University systems, before access is withdrawn.