Digital Services manages a range of software purchased on behalf of the University.

Digital Services manages a range of software purchased on behalf of the University. Some software is available for installation on University owned equipment whilst other products are available to staff and students for installation on their own PCs or Apple devices.

For advice on the installation of software on University staff machines, you should contact your Software Co-ordinator in the first instance.

Software for University-Owned Equipment

Obtaining software for a University computer

Approvals and purchases of software for use on University-owned equipment must be carried out via the appropriate Software Co-ordinator. Each faculty and department has someone appointed to undertake this role.

Find your own Software Co-ordinator

For software deployments to centrally managed Supported Staff Environment (SSE) or Student IT Laboratory (SITL) systems. software must be installed by Digital Services who will liaise with your software coordinator.  If you are in a faculty and wishing to deploy software onto faculty managed devices, your Software Co-ordinator will advise you on the internal procedure within your faculty.

Software licensing

It is the responsibility of each staff member to ensure that all software installed on University machines is legally held and approved. It is a disciplinary offence to install software products for which a licence cannot be produced.You must never download or install software without the prior approval of your Software Co-ordinator. Faculties and departments must be able to provide license details for audit purposes.

Software for Home Use

Software is available to staff and students for use on their own equipment. The software may be supplied directly by Digital Services or via a third party or vendor. To obtain such software for personal use, the request does not require input from a Software Co-ordinator but can be obtained directly (see below).

Software products available for home use

Information on obtaining Home Use products is available via the Portal by clicking on the Digital Services software downloads tile.

Two products available in this area for free are:

  • McAfee anti-virus software (Windows and MacOS versions available)
  • SPSS statistical software (Windows and MacOS versions available)

Other products may be purchased from a vendor, such as:

  • Apple Education Discount products (available to both staff and students)

Office 2016 is available to download directly from your Office 365 login page

Simply login, Select "Install office apps", then Select "Office 2016" and follow on screen instructions to compete installation.

Software in Student IT Laboratories (SITL)

Every centrally owned and managed PC or Apple connected to the student network has core software which is a standard set of applications.

For further information regarding the facilities and software profiles in each lab across campuses, select the appropriate link below:

Arranging for software to be installed in a computer laboratory

If a member of teaching staff requires a subject-specific application to be made available in a Student IT Laboratory administered by Digital Services, they must contact their faculty Software Co-ordinator who will deal with their requirements and liaise with Digital Services to confirm the suitability of the software being requested for SITL areas. If software needs to be purchased, this must be done via the faculty Software Co-ordinator.

After the software has been approved and obtained, the details of the requirements must be provided to ICT Customer Services. This is done using the online Open Access Laboratory Software Application Form. The laboratory intended to host the software and the date required for the software to be installed must be clearly stated.

The software and a paper or PDF copy of the licenses purchased (to ensure license compliance) must be sent to ICT Customer Services

Schedule for software installation

For SITL areas, Software Co-ordinators must provide a full schedule of new software along with a "needs" review of existing software by the start of April annually to support its deployment to centrally supported SITL areas for the following academic year.

It is the responsibility of teaching staff to liaise with their Software Co-ordinator to ensure that the software is provided to our teams in good time for the desktop deployments during the summer.