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The University has adopted a strategy based upon using Microsoft desktop and communications applications wherever possible.

This simplifies our overall IT environment.

It is also cost effective because the University has negotiated a campus agreement with Microsoft that allows us to take advantage of their communications application (Skype for Business) at minimal additional cost.

Guides for PC/Windows

  1. Make and receive audio calls
  2. Manage call handling profiles
  3. Voicemail in Skype for Business/Instant Messaging
  4. Create and manage contact lists
  5. Create and participate in Audio
  6. Conferencing with video and presenting
  7. Video Calls

Guides for Mac OS

  1. Overview
  2. Sign in
  3. Sign out
  4. Quit
  5. Change your presence status
  6. Check for updates manually
  7. Send an instant message
  8. Meetings overview
  9. Online meeting interface main features
  10. Schedule an online meting using SFBFM
  11. Scheduling an unscheduled meeting
  12. Calls overview
  13. Contacts overview
  14. Add and remove a contact
  15. Add and remove a group
  16. Interacting with Contacts
  17. Setting the default email client to Outlook
  18. Preferences


If you require a conference phone contact the Unified Communications Team as Jabra Speaker 510 devices are available.





About Skype for Business

Skype for Business is a unified communications platform which is available to all staff.

This single user interface provides a variety of communications including instant messaging, audio & video conference and online meetings.

This is supported across multiple devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets. This has has many benefits to University staff, given our multi-campus structure.

The benefits of Skype for Business

  • Immediately see colleagues' availability status which also reflects outlook calendar availability.
  • Instant message colleagues across the University.
  • Audio conferencing from the desktop.
  • Video conferencing from the desktop and full integration with the University Immersive Video Conferencing Suites.
  • Share an application, desktop or document on-screen in real-time.

Skype for Business Training

Comprehensive user support and training materials can be found here.

This includes video-based training along with appropriate user guides.

If you have additional training requirements please contact the Unified Communications Team directly.