TurningPoint Audience Response System

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Service Description

TurningPoint is an audience response system technology which enables interaction between the presenter and audience via multiple-choice questions which can be embedded within PowerPoint presentations and answered instantly by participants using handheld transmitters which send results instantly to the presenter's PC.

TurningPoint is used widely across the University by staff and students in many Schools, in a variety of scenarios. Weekly class tests, interaction with large groups of students, module reviews, in-class exams, ice-breaker sessions, and monitoring of student performance are all conducted using TurningPoint.

TurningPoint software is installed on all PCs in centrally booked teaching rooms and a test kit can be borrowed for use in teaching by contacting the ICTCS Service Desk. Many Schools and Faculties have their own kit, supplied centrally through the School Office, or students by their own transmitter to use in modules across their course.

Business Process

TurningPoint is installed on PCs in all centrally booked teaching spaces. In addition, the software can be downloaded for free from TurningPoint website.

The website also contains links to tutorial videos, discussion forums and expert technical support.

Academic staff who wish to use TurningPoint should first contact their School Office or technical staff to see whether a kit is available for loan by staff. A test kit can be borrowed from ICTCS by contacting the Service Desk.

Supporting Materials

Online tutorials, how to guides and a pdf manual of the main features of TurningPoint can all be downloaded from the TurningPoint website. In addition, training to use the technology to support teaching and learning can be arranged for individuals or groups by contacting the ICTCS Service Desk.

How to obtain help

Contact the ISD Service Desk.

Service Metrics (KPI/SLA statement)

TurningPoint software is available on all teaching PCs in centrally booked teaching rooms.

The test kit contains approximately 150 transmitters and can be used in smaller numbers by up to 5 concurrent users.
The service is offered similarly to existing media equipment such as OHPs so service metrics for those services could possibly be used for TurningPoint.


Any University staff. Preference is given to staff using the equipment for teaching and learning purposes.

Service Owner

ICT Customer Services