Postgraduate Access to File Share Service

Available to all staff for the storage of corporate data for administrative, academic and research purposes.

Service Description

The University File Share Service (FSS) is available to all staff for the storage of corporate data for administrative, academic and research purposes.

In order to facilitate project and research collaboration between Academic Staff and Postgraduate Research Students, a requirement is that these students can also be granted access to the appropriate files and folders relevant to their research on the FSS via a Postgraduate account (known as a PCode).

IMPORTANT NOTE: a PCode will provide access only to authorised FSS shares, no other staff services will be available - the Postgraduate Research Student will still retain their student Live@edu email account and other IT services (Portal, Blackboard, etc) will still be accessed via their student BCode.

Business Process

  • PCode accounts are requested by an Academic sponsoring the Postgraduate and authorized through the RAD system.
  • The PCode account is then provisioned by Digital Services.
  • Once the account is created, the RAD Authoriser should then request the specific FSS share access authorised for that PCode.
  • PCode account details are sent directly to the Postgraduate student in a sealed envelope.
  • The configuration of the FSS share as a mapped network drive on the Postgraduate workstation is the responsibility of the Faculty IT staff/ File Share Manager.A graphical workflow of the Business Process is represented here. (Click on image to open full size in PDF format)

Supporting Materials

How to obtain help

  • Advice on obtaining a PCode should be referred initially to your Faculty File Share Manager or RAD Authoriser.
  • Please use the Staff Password Manager facility to change passwords, or if a password has expired. Note that PCode passwords comply with the Staff Password Complexity and Expiry policies (outlined in the link above).

Changing the PCode password will affect only access to FSS. For all other services you should continue to use your Student user details which are not changed by this process.

The Digital Services IT Service Desk will provide advice on the provisioning process or issues encountered during configuration of the FSS drive mapping on the Postgraduate workstation.

Contact the Digital Services IT Service Desk

Policy or Strategy upon which service is based

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Service Metrics (KPI/SLA Statement)

  • Once PCode details are requested via RAD, the account is provisioned within one working day.
  • PCode accounts are disabled automatically as part of the normal Student Leaver process. They can also be disabled upon request from the Postgraduate, the sponsoring Academic or RAD Authoriser.
  • If a Student Hold is applied to the Postgraduate BCode, this hold will also automatically apply to the related PCode account.


All University Postgraduate students authorised by their Faculty.

Service Owner

ICT Infrastructure