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LastPass is a secure password manager that helps users store and manage a large number of passwords and other account information. The Password Manager encrypts stored login information and can enter it automatically in to forms for users, helping to prevent cyber attacks.

LastPass enables users to create long and unique passwords and store and use them without the need to memorise.

Ulster University are able to offer:

  • Students - a free Premium LastPass account while studying
  • Staff -  a LastPass Enterprise account

Business Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of passwords can I store in LastPass?

    LastPass can be used for all passwords and logins, with a few key exceptions:

    • Bank login and passwords - the National Cyber Security Centre advises against password managers for saving bank login details. Some banks also have issued guidelines around whether they recommend use of Password Managers.
    • LastPass master password - you will need memorise your master login details for LastPass.
    • The password for the personal email address you used to reset your LastPass master password
    Note - you should never use your university email address as your main personal address as you may lose access when your leave Ulster university.
  • What happens if I get locked out of my account?

    Students - Your account is regarded as a “personal” account. The University is unable to see anything to do with your account, and this is supported directly by LastPass Customer Support.

    Contact LastPass directly for support

    Staff - Your LastPass enterprise account uses the same login as your Office 365, if you can’t log into Office 365, use the Self Service Password Reset (SSPR).

  • What happens when I leave Ulster University?

    Students - Signing up for LastPass through the Ulster University grants you Premium Account access while you study at the University. Once you leave, you either need to pay for a Premium Account, or continue to use the free personal version, which has the same security, but less features.

    Premium LastPass accounts remain active for as long as the University subscribes to LastPass, regardless of current registration status. If the University does not renew subscription, you can continue to use the free personal version. The free version has the same security, but less features.

    Staff - Staff Enterprise account users can access LastPass while employed at Ulster University.  Once employment ends,  passwords and logins linked to your Enterprise account will no longer be accessible. It is therefore important to keep personal and work logins and passwords separate.

How to obtain help

Students - Support for your free premium service is provided directly by LastPass. If you need assistance or more information you must contact LastPass directly.

Staff - Please contact the service desk. If your query cannot be dealt with locally, it will be escalated to LastPass to be resolved.


There is no cost associated with the provision of a LastPass account while you are a staff member or student at Ulster University.


Ulster University offers LastPass software to both our staff and students. Students may apply for a free Premium account and the Enterprise version is available for Staff and Associates.

Service Owner

This service is provided free by Digital Services but is managed by LastPass.