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Funded PhD Opportunity - Diet, public health and cognitive development in Seychelles | Ulster University

The Seychelles Child Development Study (SDCS) is an ongoing observational study (circa 30 years) of over 2500 mother-child pairs, and is investigating the effects of prenatal MeHg exposure on child development. Dietary information has been

Funded PhD Opportunity - Digital Marketing and the Small Firm | Ulster University

That small firm marketing is different to large firm marketing is a point that is continually reemphasised in the small firm literature, and it is contended that the small firm sector merits its own marketing

Funded PhD Opportunity - Discourse and Social Interaction | Ulster University

Discourse and social interaction provide a lens to examine social phenomena including*individual and social identities and relationships (eg post conflict identities, media identity construction)*institutional settings, practices, roles and

Funded PhD Opportunity - Discovering the role of kisspeptin related peptides in pancreatic beta-cell function and survival. | Ulster University

Kisspeptin is a 54 amino acid hypothalamic peptide hormone that activates G protein-coupled KISS1 receptors. However, the physiological function of kisspeptin is not confined to the hypothalamus, as the hormone and its receptor are abundantly

Funded PhD Opportunity - Early Modern History | Ulster University

Themes in early modern Irish and European History.

Funded PhD Opportunity - Education policy in active conflict | Ulster University

Creativity and Culture, Healthy Communities, Sustainability and Social RenewalThe studentship will contribute to UU’s 5&50 of encouraging social renewal through directly influencing peace and conflict in the most controversial ethno-political

Funded PhD Opportunity - Electrolytic and Photoelectrolytic Decontamination of Wastewater / Chemical engineering and wastewater treatment | Ulster University

One quarter of the World population commonly drink water that is not safe. Many countries are experiencing water stress and this will exacerbated due to increasing population and climate change. Pollution of existing fresh water

Funded PhD Opportunity - Elucidating the role of gut hormones in infertility associated with diabetes, obesity and PCOS | Ulster University

The rising prevalence of obesity and diabetes has had a profound negative impact on female reproductive health. Increased body mass index (BMI) is associated with ovulatory subfertility and anovulatory infertility. A large proportion of infertile

Funded PhD Opportunity - EMDR therapy in women with previous negative or traumatic breastfeeding experiences | Ulster University

Every pregnant woman has to make a decision about infant feeding. The outcome decision is affected by many factors including personal experience, social and cultural factors, education, policy and cultural practices. The WHO message is

Funded PhD Opportunity - Emerging Media, Pedagogy and Learning | Ulster University

Our Emerging Media and Pedagogy team engage in practice-driven research that centres on using contemporary media practice to engage audiences in creative modes of expression and discovery. Using creative media practices, from augmented reality to

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