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Provost Charity Coffee Morning - Doctoral College | Ulster University

Provost Charity Coffee Morning. Date. 29 March 2019. to. 29 March 2019. Time. 10:30 to 11:30. Location. Magee campus. Doc@Magee/Staff room. Contact details. 21 March 2019. 21 March 2019. 21 March 2019.

Regulatory aspects of your studies - Doctoral College | Ulster University

Regulatory aspects of your studies. Regulations for research degrees. PhD with Practice. The PhD at Ulster University can take the form of either a standard thesis-based PhD or it can incorporate an element of practice. The University has developed

Researcher Development Programme - Doctoral College | Ulster University

This programme consists of workshops, specialist skills sessions, online courses, PhD researcher initiatives and personal development activities

Resources - Doctoral College | Ulster University

Resources for PhD Supervisors.

Restricting Access to your thesis - Doctoral College | Ulster University

Restricting Access to your thesis. There may be a valid reason why you need to restrict access or put a hold on the publication of your thesis, either to both paper and electronic versions or just to the e-thesis. Use the Ulster eThesis Deposit

Self-funded and Private Sponsor - Doctoral College | Ulster University

Want to study on a self-funded basis? Or have a private sponsor?

Self-funded PhD opportunity - Investigation of the diversity and role of rhamnosyltransferase enzymes in rhamnolipid synthesis in bacteria. | Ulster University

Rhamnolipids have been identified as microbial biosurfactants with huge potential for industrial exploitation, however, the best known producer, Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a human pathogen and therefore unacceptable as an industrial organism. A

Self-funded PhD opportunity - Isolation and characterization of phytochemicals with insulin-releasing or glucose lowering effects for the treatment of type-2 diabetes | Ulster University

Before the discovery of insulin in 1922, diets and plant-based treatments were the common approaches to diabetes therapy. In addition to metformin that was developed from a Galega officinalis, research evidence is being increasingly published

Self-funded PhD opportunity - Molecular Pathology of Glaucoma | Ulster University

Primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is a leading cause of blindness worldwide affecting over 64 million people. Glaucoma is a complex multifactorial ocular disease with a significant health and socio-economic impact. Our group in combination with

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