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Funded PhD Opportunity - Context aware Brain Computer Interfaces to enhance User Experience | Ulster University

The Brain Computer Interface (BCI) offers interaction and communication using thought processes without the need for explicit physical manipulation, potentially giving rise to a powerful assistive technology. Within the BCI research community there

Funded PhD Opportunity - Correlation between Synchronised Neuronal Burst Firing and Brain Seizures: A Biophysical Model | Ulster University

Background:Seizures are the hallmark of epilepsy, and are generated by hyper-synchronous discharges of populations of neurons. It is known that GABA release from GABA interneurons synchronises principal cell population discharge, contributing to the

Funded PhD Opportunity - Creating opportunities for growth within the circular economy - predicting and minimising food waste | Ulster University

This study will focus on driving efficiencies across the food supply chain by creating a predictive tool to reduce food waste among retailers. Combining big data relating to inventory, sales and food waste alongside other

Funded PhD Opportunity - Creation of low-impact synthetic aggregates for high-friction road surfacing applications | Ulster University

This project will develop innovative synthetic, high-friction aggregates in the 1-3 mm range, produced using geopolymer and alkali activated cementitious technologies based on locally available waste streams. Engineered to yield high performance

Funded PhD Opportunity - Creative Writing by Practice | Ulster University

The English subject at Ulster University forms part of the School Arts and Humanities in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. It is a vibrant and diverse centre for the study of literatures

Funded PhD Opportunity - Critical Theory, Public Culture and Media Policy | Ulster University

In the Critical Theory, Public Culture and Media Policy research strand we look at the problem of how political ideas get ideologically reproduced in art and culture, broadly construed (that is, in film, news, language,

Funded PhD Opportunity - Cultural heritage tourism development in challenging environments | Ulster University

Cultural heritage is often the foundation against which any tourism development in destination regions occurs; it is also one of the dominant reasons which drives international travel and tourism. It is what makes destinations unique

Funded PhD Opportunity - Deconstructing the place of the Professional in the age of the anti-expert | Ulster University

A growing distrust and dismissal of professionals is a significant trend in both British and US political discourse, a pervasive assault on the professions (Freidson, 2001). ‘Professional’ is a slippery, precarious and overused term, imbued

Funded PhD Opportunity - DeepHAR: Deep-learning for Human Activity Recognition | Ulster University

This project will focus on innovations in computer vision and deep Learning to develop novel analytical methods for Human Activity Recognition (HAR). The automated analysis of human activities has now become an essential area of

Funded PhD Opportunity - Design and development of functionally graded tissue-like substitutes via 3D bioprinting technology | Ulster University

Globally, it is estimated that about 300 million people suffer from osteoarthritis (OA), which is the most common type of arthritis. OA is the main cause of permanent disability and the third cause of temporary

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