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Funded PhD Opportunity - Automated fact checking of legal documents using computational intelligence techniques | Ulster University

This PhD is aligned with the vision of Legal Innovation Centre to promote and support the use of technology in legal services aiding social renewal. This has already led to impact on policy & culture

Funded PhD Opportunity - Autonomous Smart Patches: New Approaches to Controlled Drug Delivery | Ulster University

Background:Transdermal drug patches have often been heralded as a pain free approach to the delivery of therapeutic agents and there has been considerable commercial interest with the availability of over the counter (nicotine) and prescription

Funded PhD Opportunity - Benchmark Simulation Model for An Electric Vehicle — Strategy Evaluation for Control, State Estimation, and Fault Diagnosis | Ulster University

Problem StatementThe automotive industry is moving towards electrification and autonomous driving. The use of standalone internal combustion engines (ICE) is slowly but surely giving way to hybrid drivetrains or pure electric systems. However, most

Funded PhD Opportunity - Can anthocyanin rich diets (red raspberries) reverse the microvascular pathological changes and cognitive decline observed in the APP/PS-1 transgenic model of Alzheimer’s disease? | Ulster University

Disruption and deregulation of the microvascular architecture is a common pathogenic mechanism in the progression of numerous chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease cancer and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). A direct relationship can be

Funded PhD Opportunity - Children’s attachment and self-concept in Northern Irish intercountry adoption | Ulster University

Intercountry adoption, i.e. adoption outside of the United Kingdom, has been occurring in Northern Ireland since the end of the Second World War, with different waves of adoption occurring following the Korean and Vietnam wars,

Funded PhD Opportunity - Choosing by Referendum: On the wisdom and folly of the crowds | Ulster University

The last five years have witnessed an extraordinary sequence of referendums across Europe which in turn changed the constitutional and political order of the countries holding them. In 2014 Scotland voted against independence from the

Funded PhD Opportunity - Chronic Wounds in the Community: A Smart Device Approach to Detecting the Early Onset of Infection. | Ulster University

Background: Chronic wounds are widely regarded as a silent epidemic that affects a significant proportion of the populace and are typified by diabetic foot, venous leg or pressure ulcers. In most cases, the healing processes

Funded PhD Opportunity - Cinematic Arts: Contemporary Cinema and Filmmaking | Ulster University

Cinematic Arts at Ulster University is a new and vibrant area of research that combines theory and practice of moving image arts in the new digital media age.Cinematic Arts PhD proposals are sought around the

Funded PhD Opportunity - Communication Research Stream | Ulster University

In the Communication Research team we look at at range of communicative practices in a number of settings. These include: interpersonal communication, communication in organisations, communication and advertising, marketing, political communication

Funded PhD Opportunity - Contemporary Performance Practice (Drama) | Ulster University

PhD proposals are welcomed in aspects of contemporary performance practice including Dramaturgy and Playwriting; Theatre for Young Audiences; Directing; Acting. However, Dramaturgy is a priority area.Proposed research in this field may focus on

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