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Funded PhD Opportunity - Adaptive learning for modelling non-stationary systems | Ulster University

Background:Real-world environments in today’s highly interconnected digital world are often non-stationary. Learning systems such as classifiers used for pattern recognition, make the stationarity assumption in input data distribution density

Funded PhD Opportunity - Additive Manufacture via Cold Metal Transfer | Ulster University

The UK National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing (AM-3DP) highlights the UK’s opportunity in the rapidly expanding AM market. The global market of AM products and services in 2017 was estimated to be

Funded PhD Opportunity - Advanced Heat Pumps and Power Cycles | Ulster University

This theme addresses the development of heat networks in the UK as part of the EPSRC Lot-NET project. Lot-NET at Ulster University has a number of aspects:1. Ulster will model advanced heat networks;2. Ulster will

Funded PhD Opportunity - Advanced Multifunctional Energy Efficient Building Facades | Ulster University

Glass facades form the interface between the internal and external climate and act as a key modulator between these two environments. They are therefore crucial in providing not only protection from the external environment but

Funded PhD Opportunity - Advancements in Detection and Classification of Anomalies in Multidimensional Biomedical Signals Using Data-Driven Techniques | Ulster University

Problem Statement:The use of modern techniques such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse biomedical signals for monitoring and diagnosis has increased in recent years. These techniques help to enhance decision-making

Funded PhD Opportunity - AI Assistant Robots for Supporting Independent Living | Ulster University

Healthcare systems around the world is under unprecedented pressure due to our ageing population. According to the Office for National Statistics, around 18.2% of the UK population were aged 65 or older at mid-2017 and

Funded PhD Opportunity - An exploration of the effectiveness of carer-delivered mirror box therapy for upper limb rehabilitation with stroke within the home setting | Ulster University

Approximately 10,000 people in Ireland (IHF 2010b) and 4,000 in Northern Ireland (Stroke Association 2017) suffer a stroke each year. As a result, stroke services incur huge costs to health services, approximately 422 million euro

Funded PhD Opportunity - An exploration of the use of art therapy with people who have learning disabilities and have experienced bereavement | Ulster University

The number of people with learning disabilities in the United Kingdom is projected to increase each year for the next decade, largely as a consequence of access to improved healthcare and developments in healthcare interventions.

Funded PhD Opportunity - An investigation into the parameters of Installational Practice within the expanded fields of Fine Art Photography and Painting | Ulster University

This topic investigates new parameters for installational practice, made possible in relationship with the 2-dimensional forms of fine art photography and / or painting, to explore and test the inter-related material and conceptual boundaries of

Funded PhD Opportunity - An investigation into the prebiotic potential of fibre derived from sustainably sourced Laminaria digitata and its potential impact on metabolic syndrome | Ulster University

The colonic microbiota is a relatively stable and balanced ecosystem containing 1014 bacteria with each bacteria species possessing an established ecological and nutritional niche. Disruption in the balance of the colonic bacteria composition or

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