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Funded PhD Opportunity - A Comparative Analysis of Public Value Generation in Forensic Services | Ulster University

OverviewThis proposed interdisciplinary doctoral research will attach to a research project led by Ulster University in collaboration with the Forensic Services Leadership Board (FSLB). The FSLB provides a layer of governance for forensic services

Funded PhD Opportunity - A Critical Analysis of Citizenship Education in Northern Ireland | Ulster University

The signing of the Northern Ireland peace agreement in 1998 and the establishment of a new, devolved Assembly had significant implications for education in terms of how children and young people might learn about the

Funded PhD Opportunity - A Critical Analysis of Digital Education in schools in Northern Ireland | Ulster University

For more than 30 years the School of Education at Ulster University was centrally involved in the development of education technology in schools, adapting the protean waves of technologies to both lesson content and pedagogical

Funded PhD Opportunity - A New Approach to Spectral Data Analysis for Food Quality Control | Ulster University

Pushing the technological frontiers in the battle against food crime, this project aims to implement an accurate yet efficient, cost-effective and easily deployable quantitative solution for food fraud detection and the screening of agri-food

Funded PhD Opportunity - A nutrition-led approach to identify new market opportunities for food innovation in the global dairy industry. | Ulster University

Milk has been a staple part of the UK and Irish diet for generations, and is a naturally rich source of essential nutrients, including protein, calcium, B vitamins, phosphorus and potassium. It also contains smaller

Funded PhD Opportunity - A participatory approach to exploring the nexus between online gambling, sports broadcasting and the problem gambler: an island of Ireland study | Ulster University

Gambling is an everyday leisure activity for many in British and Irish society, whether it be a flutter on the horses, or a punt on the lotto. Recently, the practice of online gambling has increased

Funded PhD Opportunity - A partnership approach to enhance the treatment of brain tumors: Using language mapping before, during and after Awake Craniotomy to improve functional outcomes and wellbeing after surgery | Ulster University

Awake craniotomy (AC) with direct electrical stimulation has become established as the “gold standard” approach for resection of gliomas in eloquent locations of the brain [1]. Language assessment is critical throughout: it can identify

Funded PhD Opportunity - A user centred design approach to creating environmentally friendly beach tourism experiences for domestic tourists | Ulster University

The visitor economy is worth £851m to Northern Ireland (NISRA 2018a), £270m of which account for domestic tourism (NISRA 2018b). Visits to coastal areas account for 26% of domestic tourism (NISRA 2018b), and beach quality

Funded PhD Opportunity - Active Bayesian machine learning | Ulster University

OverviewThe aim of this project is to develop state-of-the-art Bayesian machine learning methods for use in applications where we generate our own training data using computer simulation. The research will be carried out within the

Funded PhD Opportunity - Adapting and testing a Trauma Informed Care Intervention for adults with an intellectual disability who have an underlying complex trauma(s) | Ulster University

Complex trauma is increasingly being recognised as a form of psychological disturbance which relates to abusive or threatening conditions sustained over a period of time. There is a growing body of evidence for the impact

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