Professionalism and Self-Confidence


'Stripping it Back’: Professionalism and Self-Confidence is a practical and highly interactive workshop that dispenses with much of the psychobabble that surrounds the subjects of confidence, resilience and professional projection.  Based upon validated research, it aims to give the participants an insight into personal projection and managing professional relationships as well as ensuring they represent their values and personality.

It will be delivered in a relaxed informal style, which will encourage individuals to participate and contribute.

The session will include the following


The prime need that controls human interaction
Confidence and resilience; the facts
The myth of positive thinking
Focused confidence
Talent v Ability
Passion and purpose
The effect of behavior on the first and third party

Building Trusting relationships

Relationship building
Making people feel important
The art of persuasion
Non verbals (fact and fiction)

The walking Ambassador

Building your personal brand
The impact of colour
Style as a statement of you
Being appropriate.
Reflecting the company brand
What is smart casual?


Participation will be encouraged throughout the entire session but at no stage will any individual be isolated or embarrassed. The emphasis will be on raising their game and taking their careers to the next level. Hopefully every individual will leave with tips and guidance that will be an asset to them in both their professional and personal life.

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

This session maps on to Domain B of the Vitae Framework: Personal effectiveness which includes the sub-domain areas of:

  • B1: Personal qualities
  • B2: Self-management
  • B3: Professional and Career Development
The Vitae Researcher Development Framework