Managing Stress

A greater emphasis is placed on postgraduate researchers to self-manage, be self-directed learners and in the acquisition of academic skills for the future. PhD Researchers have often to balance issues with planning, face academic difficulties and adversities, and personal problems along the way. All of these increase stress and impact on wellbeing of researchers.

This short programme will enable participants to develop a positive mental attitude to become ‘stress smart’ by understanding the differences between pressure and stress. The session will help participants develop tools and strategies utilising the ‘Take 5 steps to wellbeing’, in order to maximise success.

PhD Researcher Feedback (2019)

Great to hear other researchers feeling exactly the same as you regarding things we stress about either PhD related or personally. The session was perfect in understanding these feelings and how best we go about controlling these stressful feelings.

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  • Student Wellbeing Team

    The Student Health & Wellbeing team work with the other Student Support teams to provide holistic guidance on a range of mental and physical wellbeing concerns as well as confidential advice and support to students with undiagnosed mental health conditions, personal issues and academic issues.

    We promote positive wellbeing to students through awareness raising activities and health campaigns including drug and alcohol awareness, sexual consent and the de-stigmatisation of mental health issues among the student population.  We also provide training workshops to students and staff to better understand the barriers and opportunities to better health and wellbeing at university.  Workshops include supporting the transition to university, managing stress and increasing resilience.

    Visit their website for guidance on how to look after your physical health and emotional wellbeing at university

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

This session maps on to Domain B of the Vitae Framework: Personal effectiveness which includes the sub-domain areas of:

  • B1: Personal qualities
  • B2: Self-management
  • B3: Professional and Career Development
The Vitae Researcher Development Framework