Finishing Your Doctorate: The Final Push

Years: 3


The final year of a doctorate requires researchers to become ‘thesis producers’. Hence, the main focus of this session will be on getting from today to the point of thesis submission.

This will include:

  • Exploring the skills an effective final-year researcher requires in order to successfully complete on time
  • Understanding what is required of a thesis in order to be awarded a doctorate
  • Looking at the constituent parts of a thesis, and understanding what purpose each serves in terms of successfully meeting the doctoral assessment criteria
  • Examining what is required to successfully author a thesis, and what to avoid, including successful writing strategies, and the keys to producing clear academic writing
  • Understanding viva process, including selection of examiners, their roles, what will be required, and ultimately how to make this a celebration of success.
  • Considering how to manage stress throughout these steps
  • Starting to think about how to secure a job after the doctorate
  • Developing the vocabulary and writing skills to communicate successfully to potential employers about competencies

Feedback from PhD Researcher (2018)

I felt this was the most beneficial workshop of any I have attended so far in my PhD. Dave is not only an engaging tutor, he really knows his stuff when it comes to the ins and outs of doing a PhD. The final year is quite daunting, and I had a lot of questions about the submission process, the Viva itself and what happens after that - Dave was able to talk us through.

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The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

This session maps on to Domain B of the Vitae Framework: Personal effectiveness which includes the sub-domain areas of:

  • B1: Personal qualities
  • B2: Self-management
  • B3: Professional and Career Development
The Vitae Researcher Development Framework