NVivo: Advanced Qualitative Data Management

Years: 1,2,3


This course is designed to build on what you have learned in the introductory course by building your analysis skills in terms of a more robust interrogation of your data and presentation of the findings.

Please note that attendance at an introductory course or working knowledge of NVivo is a pre-requisite.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to target a participant set and use advanced coding queries.
  • Learn to create relationship nodes and code data to them.
  • Learn to test preliminary findings against demographics.
  • Learn to export results and report graphically on weighting of concern.

Feedback from PhD Researchers (2018)

  • The presenter was great at engaging and explaining a pretty complex tool whilst making it relevant to the people in the room.
  • Course material was excellent!
  • Easily one of the best and most practical courses I have attended.
  • The handout and the support contact information were both very helpful. Very well presented and useful!

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

This session maps on to Domain A of the Vitae Framework: Knowledge and intellectual abilities which includes the sub-domain areas of:

  • A1: Knowledge base
  • A2: Cognitive abilities
  • A3: Creativity
The Vitae Researcher Development Framework