Writing Effectively

Years: 1,2,3


This session will consider the basic elements of effective academic writing and how they can be combined to ensure the best chance of success.

Issues covered will include preparation (targeted literature reviewing, taking a ‘stance’ as an author, the creation of a writing plan or preliminary draft), the task of writing (having clear aims, order and structure, signposting, guiding the reader, drafting), writing style (the achievement of clarity and simplicity) and the need for a clear, logical and straightforward conclusion or ‘take-home’ message.

The session will also provide an opportunity to discuss writing issues specific to particular disciplines or students. This session represents over a decade of academic writing experience packed into two hours, so please come along and take advantage!

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Indicative Student Feedback for this Session

I can't wait to [put these ideas into practice]…for every single chapter of my thesis, even ones that are mostly written, to restructure them. Yay, I’m excited about a 'writing' task!
- Univ. of East Anglia; International Development

Thank you so much for such an informative session. I have attended many courses about writing…but yours really stood out. In fact…this session has made me rethink how I approach thinking and writing overall.
- Reading

A very practical hands-on course! I know now that my slow writing problem is absolutely planning and structure! You're an angel. Honestly, nobody else would send their own work to help…students who are writing. This is great! Many, many thanks.
- Goldsmiths

The ‘Writing Effectively’ session made a difference immediately and I was able to restructure and better state four of my PhD chapters within seven days.
- East Anglia; Medicine

Thanks for the very helpful session - your tips have been the most practical and clearest ones I have come across regarding academic writing. I really liked your approach to planning the writing of a chapter/article.
- Goldsmiths

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

This session maps on to Domain A of the Vitae Framework: Knowledge and intellectual abilities which includes the sub-domain areas of:

  • A1: Knowledge base
  • A2: Cognitive abilities
  • A3: Creativity
The Vitae Researcher Development Framework