Assessment, Feedback and Module Design

Years: 1,2,3


Typically, when a PGR student takes on the role of ‘teacher’, they are also asked to assess, mark, and provide feedback to students, often with comparatively little guidance or preparation. This session is designed to provide that guidance. It will first consider the act of marking and the writing and delivery of feedback, along with consideration of how best to discuss and justify comments made and marks awarded. It will then move on to the more advanced issue of setting assessments – the different types and what each can/might achieve – before concluding with a discussion of the basics of module design, how to go about it, and what is generally required to design a strong module that is both interesting and intellectually challenging for the students.

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  • Simon Watts

    Dr Simon Watts is a Postgraduate Research Training Coordinator for the Faculty of Social Sciences in University of East Anglia.  He teaches the majority of the sessions on the UEA Online Training Series which are open to Ulster PhD Researchers as part of the overall Researcher Development Programme. The Online Training Series offers research and professional training skills training for PhD Researchers in a ‘live-taught’ online format.  Training session are delivered via a virtual classroom on Tuesday evenings between 7pm-9pm.

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

This session maps on to Domain C of the Vitae Framework: Engagement, influence and impact which includes the sub-domain areas of:

  • D1: Working with others
  • D2: Communication and dissemination
  • D3: Engagement and impact
The Vitae Researcher Development Framework