Infotopia: How to create impactful infographics

Sick of wordy research posters? Had enough of death by powerpoint? Ready to create infographics of your DREAMS?!

Then ‘Infotopia: How to create impactful infographics’ is for you! In this two hour session, Laura Evans – ex social researcher and visual storyteller from Nifty Fox Creative – will walk you through a step by step process to create infographics that engage audiences from start to finish.

You’ll learn how to understand your audience, distil your research into key messages that resonate, and design a visually compelling infographic using free, online software.

Get ready to become infographic ninjas!

The Vitae Researcher Development Framework

This session maps on to Domain C of the Vitae Framework: Engagement, influence and impact which includes the sub-domain areas of:

  • D1: Working with others
  • D2: Communication and dissemination
  • D3: Engagement and impact
The Vitae Researcher Development Framework