Review Process and Timetable AHRC CELTIC

CDT Review Process

Once applications to the CDT in Celtic Languages have been received by the deadline of 23 February 2018, the applications and their HEI supporting statements will be read and assessed by the CDT Awards Committee, comprised of representatives from all of the 12 consortium HEIs. The recommendations of the awards committee will then be communicated to the CDT Executive, and the Executive will finalise the awards.

We envisage approximately 5 studentships being awarded for commencing study during 2018/19.

We aim to be able to announce awards and reserves in late April or early May, 2018.

CDT Competition Timetable 2018

Before 6 February: Applicants should have a conditional or unconditional acceptance to a PhD programme in the host HEI, bearing in mind the local processes and timelines for acceptance to the local programme.

5 February: By this date applicants should be informed whether the host HEI is nominating the applicant to the CDT competition.

23 February: Deadline for receipt of application forms and HEI Supporting Statements to the CDT studentship competition.

March/April: Meetings of CDT Awards Committee and Executive.

Late April / early May: Announcement of awards and reserves.