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Creative Arts Showcase

Ulster University’s Creative Arts Showcase celebrates the creative talents of our students in Cinematic Arts, Music, Drama and Design.

With performances, film screenings, exhibitions and installations from graduate students from the School of Creative Arts & Technologies, the Creative Arts Showcase promises to be a flagship event for the city.

Presenting "DANCE" (Wednesday 17th May), "DRAMA" (Thursday 25th May), "MUSIC" (Friday 2nd June), "CINEMATIC ARTS" (Wednesday 14th June) - and a 7 day exhibition of "DESIGN" from Friday 16th June.

Ulster University's Creative Arts Showcase in Derry~Londonderry showcases and celebrates the creative talents of students from the Magee campus. Come and celebrate the outstanding work of graduating students and Ulster University's leading role in fostering creative excellence, participation and innovation in the North West of Ireland.

Dance - 17 May

This exciting evening is a celebration of the legacy the Degree has created for dance in Northern Ireland.

Drama - 25 May

The annual End of Year Showcase for Drama celebrates the best of work by our final year students.

Music - 2 June

Final year music students will showcase their amazing vocal and instrumental skills in a variety of styles.

Cinematic Arts - 14 June

This inaugural End of Year Degree Show celebrates the achievements and talents of final year students on the BSc (Hons) Cinematic Arts programme.

Design - 16 June

Graduates from the North West step out into the professional world of design with their annual and penultimate showcase of new talent.