This course is highly interactive and is targeted at SME owners/managers keen to explore how to develop the marketing potential of their enterprises.


The aim of this course is to examine marketing and management principles from the perspective of the practicing entrepreneur/manager. The course will re-examine key aspects of marketing theory and will critique these theories from the perspective of the practicing entrepreneurial manager. In essence, the course will examine aspects of entrepreneurial marketing management decision-making in different contexts, industries and through the application of such theory to specific live cases.

This course can be taken individually or combined over a period of time towards a Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Development https://www.ulster.ac.uk/courses/201819/postgraduate-certificate-of-professional-development-16046

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About this course

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The small to medium sized enterprise (SME) has unique characteristics; not least that it has limited access to resources. SMEs are not “little-big-businesses” and the practice of marketing in such enterprises is not the same as that practiced in larger organisations. The management of an SME will reflect the personal outlook and competencies of the owner/manager of such enterprises. On completion of this course, the SME owner/manager will have a deeper understanding of the role of marketing in the future development of their business venture and will have developed a competency in marketing practice within their business, what we have come to understand as “entrepreneurial marketing”. The course draws on current thinking in marketing management but pushes beyond the boundaries of existing knowledge to examine the practice of marketing decision-making and action specifically within the context of the small to medium sized business.

This course is highly interactive and is targeted at SME owners/managers keen to explore how to develop the marketing potential of their enterprises and to those advising SME owners in the practice of marketing.

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MSc Marketing, PgCertPD Postgraduate Certificate of Professional Development,


An applicant to the short course may choose to submit for assessment, details of which are set out as follows:

100% Coursework - Working in groups of three, participants will be required to prepare and submit a feasibility study for an entrepreneurial business venture and outline the best possible and most innovative route to market for that enterprise, with supporting rationale. Maximum length of the planning report will be 20 pages, earning participants 75% of the marks available for the short course.


This course requires attendance on three consecutive days from 9.15am to 4.15pm on 3, 4 and 5 April 2019 with a follow-up day on 15 April 2019.

Entry requirements

Normally, a degree in a relevant area e.g. business or social sciences but other degrees will also be considered.

English Language Requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English must meet the minimum English entrance requirements of the University and will need to provide recent evidence of this (certified within the last two years).

Most of our courses require a minimum English level of IELTS 6.0 or equivalent, with no band score under 5.5. Trinity ISE: Pass at level III also meets this requirement.

Please see details of the English language qualifications and certificates we can accept - https://www.ulster.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/177404/Other-english-language-tests-and-qualifications-2017.pdf

International applicants will also require a short-term study visa. Further information is available at https://www.ulster.ac.uk/international/visa-immigration

Start dates

  • 3 April 2019
How to apply


How to apply

The following page explains the postgraduate short course application procedure:

https://www.ulster.ac.uk/apply/how-to-apply/short-courses (choose postgraduate short courses)

Start dates

  • 3 April 2019

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