This course will equip you with the skills necessary to mentor, facilitate and support online learning.


This course is a unique training program aimed at equipping those involved in teaching or tutoring online with necessary skills to mentor, facilitate and deliver a high standard of learning online. It is designed to appeal to a wide audience encouraging e-tutors from a variety of disciplines with differing technical capabilities to exchange experiences and evaluate achievements

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About this course

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Course Overview

Each week the course investigates and builds on the essentials of e-learning. Week one begins by exploring the different methods of online communication, investigating the importance of encouraging and motivating students by utilising various aspects of socialisation in the online environment. Week two focuses on facilitation - encouraging participation in discussions and management of online interactions in order to maximise opportunities for learning in a networked community. Week three concludes the course with an in-depth look at the role of an effective e-tutor, providing you with an opportunity to exchange experiences and evaluate achievements.

You are actively encouraged to interact with your peers, tutor and with the course material, by using the tools available in the virtual learning environment.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course you will:

  • have the necessary practical skills and knowledge to be a confident and competent online facilitator, whilst simultaneously availing of an invaluable opportunity to experience an online course from a student's perspective.
  • develop an understanding of the pedagogical paradigm shift from classroom based provision to on-line facilitation by increasing awareness of the skills required to successfully deliver a course within an online environment.
  • be equipped with the skills necessary to mentor, facilitate and deliver a high standard of learning online.
  • develop an appreciation of the learning needs of students in the online environment, the associate support students require and understand as a online tutor how to to react rapidly to those requirements.


Course Assessment

This course will include two small assessments during the three week online period, one of which will be an online discussion and the other a group activity.

University credit can be awarded for submission of assessment, please discuss this with the course organsier.


The e-tutor training programme runs over a three-week period introducing you to the fundamentals of e-tutoring theory. You are required to dedicate five hours per week to the course and participate in a number of practical tasks that emphasise the specialised skills required of an online tutor and the associated support that they need to provide to students.

Entry requirements

This course is open to anyone who mentors, tutors or teaches online.

This course is fully online and you will need access to a computer/laptop or tablet to complete this course.

Start dates


Start dates

Price and payment

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Payment information

All fees are paid online at time of registration for this programme.


For further information

Email: FlexEd@ulster.ac.uk

Telephone: (+44) 028 9036 6680