Countdown to UU.

In it will

be your first day.

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Your first day is just around the corner but before you arrive, there are some important things you need to know.


From library registration, IT requirements and free software to signing up to Unidays and ensuring you have a TV licence, get to grips with our check list of things to be aware of and register for.

Remember, it is perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous about starting university and meeting lots of new people.

If you want to speak to someone about this in a safe, confidential space, come and see the Student Wellbeing team on your campus and talk to us.

International Students

Take a look at the next steps to studying with us, including travel arrangements, booking your accommodation and planning for life in Northern Ireland.

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Your Checklist

Terms and Conditions

You received a postcard from us because you have chosen Ulster through UCAS. Please check your UCAS Track for any change in your current application status. We wish you all the very best in meeting the conditions for offer for your chosen programme of study, if you haven’t already received an unconditional offer from us.