Advice for Ulster Accommodation Residents

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  • Can I book University student accommodation on campus for 20/21?

    Applications are now open for new and returning students for our student accommodation on each campus.

    There are many benefits of living in Ulster University student accommodation.

    To talk you through your accommodation options, the University will be running a virtual accommodation open day on 12 June 2020 at 2pm.

    Register for our virtual open day

    Rooms and facilities within accommodation will form small households of up to 8, allowing students to observe social distancing, but still enjoy an on-campus experience.

    Appropriate robust risk assessments will be undertaken within our accommodation to ensure current public health measures are implemented and guidelines provided to residents.

  • If I apply for accommodation now can I change my mind and have my booking fee refunded later?

    University accommodation offers a no obligation guarantee for local undergraduate first year students applying by the 7th July and international students by the 14th August.

    Once accepted onto a course you will receive an accommodation offer and if you decide not to take up the offer at that stage your booking fee will be fully refunded.

  • Is it possible to book accommodation from the second semester only?

    Accommodation will be available for students who require it from the start of semester 1 in September 2020.

    Following the September intake if there is remaining accommodation capacity this will made available for local students in semester 2 from January 2021.

    Generally, applications are considered on a first come basis so the earlier the application the greater chance of obtaining your chosen room.

  • As an international student, will I have to self-isolate/undertake quarantine for 14 days? If so, where will I do this? 

    The UK Government currently requires those arriving from international destinations to quarantine for 14 days. If this still applies when you arrive, you will be quarantined comfortably and looked after in University accommodation on our Jordanstown campus. Your wellbeing is our main priority and so we will have supportive quarantine measures in place to allow you to settle in quickly and safely and start preparing for life at Ulster!

    As part of your application for University accommodation, you will be requested to pay a booking deposit of £100, which is fully refundable up until you decide to accept our accommodation offer. If you decide not to accept our offer, we will refund your deposit in full.

  • I will be living with a private accommodation provider for the new academic year. How will this work with social distancing? 

    If you have chosen to live in private accommodation, or are thinking about booking for the 2020/21 academic year, please contact your landlord or accommodation provider for information on social distancing.

    We also recommend you enquire about what provision they have in place regarding support, so you can make the decision that’s right for you. You may also wish to contact the Students' Union who can provide support and advice via their housing clinic.

  • What will university accommodation do to ensure social distancing and my safety?What will university accommodation do to ensure social distancing and my safety?

    Efforts will be made to allocate individual students from similar courses in our apartments.

    These students would form their own ‘household’ and be able to live within their apartment with up to 7 other students.

    This approach is being taken in line with guidance available for higher education at a national level, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents in student accommodation.

    Risk assessments will be conducted within accommodation with protective measures and guidelines advised to residents in line with current public health recommendations.

  • As an international student, will accommodation and support be available to me if I have to quarantine for 14 days?

    The university will provide designated quarantine accommodation and support through its ResLife and International Student Experience teams including food and wellbeing support.

    Quarantining students will be required to abide by the guidance provided by government and the Public Health Agency.

  • As an international student who applied for accommodation and was unable to travel because of travel restrictions would I have my booking fee refunded?

    Any international student who is unable to take up accommodation due to travel restrictions in their home country will have their booking fee fully refunded.

  • What happens if there is second lockdown?

    Our approach to the incoming academic year is informed by the progress and pace of the NI Executive’s phased roadmap to recovery and we will be ready to respond flexibly to any changes in public health guidance.

    You can be assured that the university will follow Government guidance and advice to ensure the safety of its students, staff and members of the public, as we did in March 2020; as a responsible accommodation provider will continue to act in the interests of our students.

  • When can I move into my accommodation?

    University accommodation will be available for students to move in from Saturday 12th September 2020.

    This will be managed carefully to ensure that students arrive in a coordinated manner in line with the government restrictions in place at that time.

    A Welcome to UU program will be available from 14 September to help you settle into Ulster University.

    Semester 1 teaching will begin from Monday 21st September

Financial Support

It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is having deep economic impact, with significant financial hardship for many across society and we understand our students are not exempt from this, with many losing part time jobs within the hospitality sector.

Student Support Fund

The University operates a Student Support Fund which makes funds available for those students suffering from genuine financial hardship at this time.

The Fund is open to all students who can demonstrate they are experiencing financial hardship, whether they live in university or private sector rented accommodation and we are working to fast-track applications through this difficult period for all.

More information will be provided to students shortly on the application process

Self Isolation

If you are a student and have been advised by NHS 111 to self-isolate, please contact the Accommodation team at your campus using the numbers provided in the ‘Contact us’ section

If you can't go home

The ResLife team will arrange self-isolation based on advice from the Public Health Agency. Ensure your mobile is switched on, and you have given your mobile contact number to the staff you have reported to.

Food, water and provisions

Regarding delivery of meals and other supplies it is crucial no-one enters your room.

Provisions, including any medication, will be brought to the door of the flat for collection during core business hours. Receipts will be retained, and settlement can be made at the end of the isolation period.

Shared Accommodation

If you are in a cluster flat where another student is self-isolating

All students in the flat self-isolate now

Should the ‘at risk’ student become a confirmed case, then it is reasonable to assume that all individuals in that shared accommodation have been exposed to the virus.

Therefore, all should be isolated collectively. If living in standard rooms, students are advised to clean kitchens and bathrooms after use. Cleaning products will be supplied.

If you share(d) accommodation with someone who has been advised to self-isolate

You should contact NHS helpline on 111 and tell them about your situation. They will provide advice.

Inform ResLife team of the situation so they can discuss how we can help you manage it.

Further Information


Under the current government and public health pandemic guidelines guests will not be permitted to stay in your university accommodation for the safety of you and your housemates.

The government and public health guidelines will continue to be reviewed and if there is a relaxation then this guidance will be updated to reflect that, in line with the NI Executive’s roadmap to recovery

Private rented accommodation

If you have a private tenancy contract, you should contact your landlord as soon as possible, if you think you are unable to pay your rent.

Housing Rights NI works to represent private tenants and has issued some guidance around the current situation in response to COVID-19 , alongside the general advice that is available.


If you can’t find a solution to your issue with your landlord, you may wish to enter mediation by contacting the Housing Rights Mediation Service.

UUSU Advice Bureau

If you need further guidance or support with contacting your landlord or Housing Rights NI, please contact the UUSU Advice Bureau and an advisor will be in touch.

Information for Parents

Ulster University is working closely with NHS services and the Public Health Agency, who are responsible for taking the lead in any public health issue of this nature.

We are signposting staff and students to regular updates from PHA through

My son/daughter has been advised by NHS 111 to self-isolate

They can self isolate at home.

Yes, if you are able to, collect them.

My son/daughter is currently self-isolating in University Accommodation

We would not advise that you travel to come to University Accommodation.

You will not be able to visit your son/daughter during the isolation period.

If there are specific items you feel they will need, or they have requested are brought to them, these should be wrapped/boxed and left at the Accommodation reception.

Further Information

Contact Information for ResLife

ResLife understands that not all residents wish or are able to return home and will continue to provide accommodation for all residents for the remainder of the semester.

Support staff are available virtually 24/7 and can be contacted via the mobile numbers listed below