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Social Distancing

Ulster University has always had a strong sense of civic responsibility.  As the only university distributed across the region, we have a tremendous opportunity to fully participate and deliver meaningful impact across the wider community.  This has always been the case across our long and proud history, and is particularly true of the times that we now face.

Colleagues from across our campuses, across our faculties and departments, and from across our range of skills and expertise, are playing pivotal roles in the extraordinary response to this extraordinary crisis.

As we continue to go about our professional and personal lives, it is absolutely critical that we continue to follow all advice and guidance issued by local and national government and associated departments and agencies.  For example and as you will all be aware, there are social distancing measures that are now in place that apply to everybody, with specific caution for those considered to be at heightened risk.  All colleagues are advised to follow these measures, not least those colleagues who due to the nature of their work are still based on campus.

The current national government information in relation to social distancing can be found on, but please be aware that this is subject to change at this time.

In addition we remind colleagues of the current national government advice for those who are self isolating at home.

  • What is social distancing?

    Social distancing measures are steps that everybody can take to reduce social interaction between people, with the intention of reducing the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

    The six steps are:

    1. Avoid contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).
    2. Avoid non-essential use of public transport when possible.
    3. Work from home, where possible.
    4. Avoid large and small gatherings in public spaces.
    5. Avoid gatherings with friends and family.
    6. Use telephone or online services to contact your GP or other essential services.
  • How to maintain social distancing

    Even though a number of us are now working from home, some colleagues based on the nature of their role are still on campus.  For all of us, whether we are working on campus, or undertaking daily exercise, we should follow the 2 metres / 6 feet ‘rule’ when coming into contact with other people.

    Social Distancing

    The 2 metres / 6 feet ‘rule’ and the six steps are the ways in which we can all reduce social interaction, and help reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).  Everyone should be trying to follow these measures as much as is practicable in every part of their life.

  • Specific Dos and Don’ts

    Whether your role requires you to be based on campus, or you are supporting colleagues and communities in other ways outside your home, we would encourage colleagues to follow the dos and don’ts as listed below.

    Do not

    • Sit/work within two metres of anyone else who you do not share your home with – you should by now be noticing that workspaces on campus and in other locations are being rearranged to accommodate this
    • Hold face to face meetings – Use Skype or calls as much as is possible
    • Congregate in public or frequently used areas
    • Pop in to chat to a friend - Use Skype or a call for this
    • Become isolated during what is a tough time – Keep in touch with colleagues and others in your community
    • Shake hands as a greeting
    • Have visitors into the workplace or your home
    • Use public transport in commuting to and from work if at all possible

    Take care when

    • Speaking face to face to someone if it is unavoidable, maintain the 2-metre safe distance
    • Having tea breaks or lunch if working on campus or in other community based activity. Maintain a safe distance and do not share food items
    • Going to the printer or the bathroom on campus or in another community location. If these areas are crowded avoid them, use a different area, or return later
  • Additional guidance for campus-based colleagues

    Colleagues who remain based on campus or have course to be on campus to pick up essential equipment or documentation must pay particular attention to the advice.

    Those colleagues who are based on campus given the nature of their role should maintain regular dialogue from their Line Manager in relation to the government guidance and the most appropriate actions to take at a local level.

    Additionally, colleagues can contact the employee wellbeing team ( as may be required.

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