Covid-19 Support for Business

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation continues to intensify and present significant challenges for businesses, the need for business support has never been more prevalent.

How UUBS can help?

We are conscious that businesses are facing turbulent circumstances, we feel proud that we have supported local business for over 40 years and would like to offer the following to business during the current Covid-19 crises:

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Informal Mentoring

We have expertise in a range of subject areas listed below who can provide free mentoring and support for your business.  Please contact Kristel Miller who can discuss your needs.

  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Digital Strategy
  • HRM
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Innovation

Information and knowledge

Book into our free webinar series:

Episode 1 - Charting the Unchartered - Impacts of COVID-19 on the NI Economy, 27 May 2020

Links to blogs, webinars and articles which you may find useful:

Richard Johnson from Ulster University Business School's Economic Policy Centre gives an economic briefing to IoD (NI) members on 27 April, you can view this at the following link. The Economic Policy Centre provides discussion on the economic consequences of Covid-19 for Northern Ireland

Babson College

Already studying with us?

We have moved existing classes online for students, more information available on our Coronavirus information website.

Thinking of studying with us?

If you plan to study with us in the next academic year we are still inviting applications. More details are available on our Coronavirus information website.

Examples of some of the support we can provide through our Executive Education offering and through our partnerships with Babson College and Harvard College can be viewed at the following link;

Many of our courses support managers and leaders to reimagine their business in times of change, for example:

External sources of business information

Other information sources

NI Direct

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Please be assured that our business engagement unit are available to support you during this time. For enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

Support For Business

Message from Prof Mark Durkin, Executive Dean of Ulster University Business School:

For many of us, these recent weeks have been spent adjusting to new ways balancing our home and working lives and indeed, re-thinking priorities and trying to anticipate the future.

Naturally your immediate priority has been directed to the well-being of loved ones and friends but as employees, managers, leaders and indeed business owners we share a collective concern for those colleagues in our work-teams and indeed those we work for.

Our commitment at this time is focused on business continuity as well as ensuring industry resilience by helping businesses overcome short term challenges and plan for recovery. This business support page has been established to provide businesses with a collection of useful resources and information during this time.

  • Professor Mark Durkin - full text

    Navigating our way through all this is an emotional journey and often a stressful experience. A natural consideration in this operating context is that of business continuity and while the nature of the work our businesses are engaged in may not have changed dramatically, the way in which we conduct that work will likely have changed beyond all recognition. We are facing unparalleled levels of adaptation in how we deliver value to the market and how the market perceives value.

    We at Ulster University Business School share that experience with you and hope to provide leadership and support to you as you navigate your way forward with your teams.

    With respect to our own business, UUBS continues to deliver learning solutions across the domestic and international market by engaging online channels in support of our personal and organisational learning community.

    With the help of online collaboration tools, most of our programmes and courses have already been adapted for virtual teaching and learning.

    Our academic colleagues continue to do their utmost to deliver an interactive, high-quality experience - albeit this has by necessity moved from an in-person ‘high-touch’ classroom experience to an online ‘high-tech’ virtual learning experience.

    That said, while the delivery channel may have shifted from ‘touch’ to ‘tech’, the quality and personality that imbues that learning experience remains – UUBS remains ‘in-touch’ with the business community and we are listening closely to your experiences. That listening will allow the academic teams to offer support to you going forward and we are keen to find ways of delivering new value that will help you through these difficult times.

    To assist us in refining the potential support solutions we are already developing, you are invited to share your own recommendations and practical suggestions with our team by emailing We would encourage you to let us know the type of advice, guidance or active support you would find valuable to help navigate current challenges and plans for recovery.

    I have no doubt the university and business community will emerge from this stronger and I want to assure you that our dedicated teams across UUBS are committed to providing on-going support and business continuity during this period as well as finding and delivering new value wherever possible.

    Yours sincerely,

    Professor Mark Durkin Executive Dean, Ulster University Business School