Your campus experience

As teams across the University prepare for the 21/22 academic year, public health indications are encouraging, and we can, with increasing confidence, begin to look to a fuller resumption of normal on-campus operations.

  • Preparing to return to All Campuses

    Strong progress on vaccination programmes, continued low case numbers and relaxation of public health measures mean that at this stage we are anticipating a full return to campus for teaching in Semester One.

    Over the coming months we will remain vigilant, and contingency plans are in place to pivot back to online learning for much of our provision should the public health context require us to do so, ensuring we remain fully flexible, agile and responsive to the demands of any emerging Covid-19 regulations.

    As we look forwarding to welcoming you back to campus, the health and wellbeing of our staff, students and the wider community in Northern Ireland remains our number one priority.

    We’re working hard to make sure you can look forward to a safe, comfortable and enjoyable time on campus.

    Campus life may still be a little different, since we will be sure to follow any continued guidance in relation to protective measures in place to keep us all safe as we return to work and study on campus.

  • Transition from Jordanstown to Belfast

    We are now in the final stages of building our enhanced Belfast campus and in September 2021 we welcomed the first cohort of students to this incredible and inspiring space.

    The phased process of completion, handover and onboarding will continue in controlled phases throughout the current academic year.

    For operational readiness and simplicity, the vast majority of Semester Two teaching will continue on our Jordanstown campus, enabling firm and precise timetabling to be available for staff and students.

    As phases of the new building become available, all staff and students will have the option to transfer teaching and research at a point that is practical and suitable for all, or if they prefer, stay in Jordanstown.

    Find out more about this New Chapter unfolding in Belfast and right across our University.