Academic Year 2021/22 - Information for Applicants

Information related to the Academic Year 2020/21 for Applicants to Ulster University.

We know that this may not be the start to University life that you or we would have anticipated, but you are joining a vibrant University community and will be fully supported to settle in.

Despite the challenges presented by the continued restrictions, we will make it possible for you to engage in your programme of study in the most meaningful and effective ways.

Our track record in digital learning means that you can continue to receive a high-quality learning and student experience. We will be providing early opportunities for you to experience our extensive and innovative online platforms, as we support you to get your University journey and studies off to the best possible start.

We know that you will be looking forward to meeting new friends, and so we’re also working closely with our Students’ Union to explore ways to enable you to participate in other aspects of University life. Check these pages, your emails and our social media channels regularly for updates on arrangements for pre-arrival and welcome week.

As we re-imagine University life alongside this pandemic, you can look forward to vibrant, inspiring and productive time, and we look forward to welcoming you to Ulster University.

Applicants for 21/22 entry

  • What support will be available on Results Day?

    Our Admissions, Student Administration and support staff will be available to support you from Results Day through to Enrolment.

    Although the current restrictions mean that we are not able to hold our traditional on-campus Options Day, further details of our Results Day support and opportunities will be available on these pages shortly.

  • I have already made my firm choice elsewhere but now want to apply to Ulster University, what do I do now?

    You can apply to Ulster University through the Clearing process.

    Our Clearing website will be available on 6th July, where you will find which courses are available and how to contact our teams to discuss the range of options open to you.

  • I am currently studying at another university and want to transfer to Ulster University, what are my options?

    Thank you for considering Ulster University. You can find details of our current course offering here:

    Our admissions team will be happy to answer any queries you may have and can be contacted by emailing

  • How will I know how to get started at University if I am not on campus?

    You can be assured of a warm and fully supported welcome to Ulster University, despite these challenging circumstances, and we look forward to welcoming you in September.

    We will make it straightforward for you to access everything you need to get started, from pre-arrival to welcome week and as teaching gets underway.

    As well as supporting you to begin your studies, we are working with our Students’ Union to ensure that you will experience as much as possible of what we offer, and to enable you to get to know your campus online; so that when it is possible for us to offer more face to face activities, you will feel right at home.

  • How much teaching will be on campus in September?

    Some on-campus activities will take place, based on a robust local risk assessment and priority will be given to using campus spaces for practice-based learning activities including lab work.

    Blended learning combines online teaching materials and delivery, including opportunities for interactive learning, with on-campus delivery through means such as lectures, practicals or small group teaching; as well as opportunities to access on-campus learning facilities and resources, such as our libraries.

  • How can I be sure of the quality of the teaching if lectures will be delivered online?

    We have an established history of much of our content being online, and extensive experience of quality online delivery.

    This enabled us to successfully and promptly transition to online provision when the lockdown measures were introduced in March.

    These arrangements have been carefully considered, reviewed and refined, with feedback from our current students.

    In the time available before next semester, we continue to work closely with our Students’ Union to deliver a high quality and rewarding experience for our students.

  • Should I consider deferring for a year?

    We understand that this may not be the start to University life that you had envisaged, but our online platforms mean that you can continue to receive a high-quality learning and student experience.

    We will support you to settle in to a productive and rewarding semester, and by getting your degree underway this year you can keep your future career plans firmly on track.

  • Can I delay starting my degree to Semester 2?

    In line with the design of our curricula and the learning outcomes for programmes, we can only take in full-time undergraduate students at the start of each academic year annually in September.

  • What facilities will be available for students who are attending campus?

    The University is looking to open facilities on campus as soon as it is safe to do so, in line with the appropriate public health guidance and restrictions.

    Sport is an important part of University life and our external sports facilities and sports centres are now open again, operating within public health guidelines, and with additional cleaning in place. You can find out more at our Sports Services FAQs page. Our popular online programs and classes will continue to be available for sports members.

    Our libraries are open, offering a reserve and collect service. Initial opening hours will be 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and library capacity and study spaces will be reduced in each library and will be monitored by library staff.

    Our popular online programs and classes will continue to be available for sports members.

    We are also working closely with our catering operators and the availability of facilities will be based on a careful risk assessment, with solutions to address any risks identified.

  • How will I get to know my lecturers and tutors remotely?

    Getting to know our staff is an important part of the University experience, and one of the most enjoyable parts of many lecturers’ work.

    Many on-line activities will still be highly interactive and sometimes offer even greater opportunities for contact with your teaching staff.

    We are exploring how we can offer face to face interaction with staff, and your fellow students, in a way which is safe and enriches your wellbeing and learning journey.

  • What can I do if I don’t have access to the right technology to participate fully in my programme?

    Technology recommendations for accessing Ulster systems to support your study in a blended learning environment are available from ISD.

    If you are eligible for our Widening Access cash bursary, you may wish to put this towards technology resources.

    The University acknowledges that some students may not have the technology to engage in education by digital channels - and we keep this under review.

    Once registered as an Ulster University student, you may be able to get financial support from the Student Support Fund (NI/UK students) or the Hardship Fund (ROI/International students).  Or if you are eligible for our Widening Access cash bursary, you may wish to put this towards technology resources.

  • Can I book University student accommodation on campus for 21/22?

    Applications are now open for new and returning students for our student accommodation on each campus.

    There are many benefits of living in Ulster University student accommodation.

    Appropriate robust risk assessments will be undertaken to ensure that student accommodation is available in line with all current public health measures.

  • I’m worried about how I will settle, in these unusual circumstances; where can I go for support?

    As always, as part of our welcome programme we will be sure to introduce you to our Student Wellbeing team who are there to support you as you join us, and throughout your time at Ulster.

    You can find out more about the team and our services at

  • If my programme is to be delivered on campus but I am unable to attend for health or family reasons related to COVID, what can I do?

    Where possible, students who cannot attend campus for health or other reasons related to family or caring responsibilities will be able to engage with their learning fully online.

  • Will there be a reduction in fees for the first semester?

    In response to these unprecedented circumstances, we have repurposed our education provision to maintain continuity of teaching through digital channels and the quality of your ultimate degree award.

    Every course is continuing to provide alternatives to support learning, teaching and assessment by other means during this period. We are also taking steps to ensure that students whose studies may be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic are not disadvantaged at the point of assessment, whilst protecting learning outcomes and the academic integrity of their Ulster University degree.

    Providing opportunities for our students to learn at home is the only option available to us whilst the current social distancing measures are in place.  Moving to online provision in this way is costly, however we are fortunate to have a high quality digital infrastructure that allows us the flexibility necessary in these circumstances; and this means that you can continue to receive a rewarding learning experience. We are committed to maintaining these digital platforms to support our students to progress in their learning journey with confidence.

    Ulster University’s firm commitment is to ensure that our students are not deprived of the opportunity to learn and to move forward in their studies and future career, on schedule and as planned. In this context we do not anticipate fee reduction.

  • Will students be required to wear face coverings on campus?

    To protect others and to support a safe University community for all, staff and students must wear a face covering on campus in general circulation spaces, social spaces, other enclosed spaces, e.g. toilets, retail units, lecture theatres and teaching spaces, practical classes, and any other area in our buildings where maintaining 2m social distancing is not possible. 2m social distancing must still be maintained in lecture theatres, teaching spaces and offices.

    We will supply disposable and reusable face coverings for all staff and students, although you may wish to wear your own.

    We recognise that there are circumstances, including medical reasons, that may make it difficult for people to wear a face covering and so we ask our University community to be respectful, and mindful that the reasons for not wearing a face covering may not always be visible.

    Find out more about our approach to the wearing of face coverings

  •  How will the university ensure fairness and transparency when confirming places when predicted grades are issued this year?

    All applicants who achieve the asking grades  with the grades awarded to them by the relevant awarding body will be allocated an a place on the course they have applied to in summer 2021.

  • I am an independent learner with no teacher-predicted grades. How will UU assess my application?

    Ofqual recently carried out a consultation on how GCSE and A-Level grades will be awarded in summer 2021.

    The consultation indicated the intention to build into the approach opportunities for private candidates (for example students studying independently, and home educated students) to be awarded grades in summer 2021.

    A number of options were suggested.

    Whilst the consultation is now closed, further information can be found at

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