Relocation of School of Health Sciences

Views are being sought on the relocation of Ulster University’s School of Health Sciences, as the consultation re-opens.

Now, more than ever, we are acutely aware of the contribution of our allied health professionals in the context of a health service that faces such enormous challenge in response to COVID19.

We sincerely value the input of our many healthcare stakeholders, partners and colleagues and will work to ensure that responses and commentary received between February and April will be taken forward into this augmented consultation.

On these pages you will find the consultation materials including the EQIA process for review and consideration, and to inform your submissions.

Read the Consultation

The consultation documents are available to download in PDF format.

The consultation will close on: 6th December

Equality impact assessments will close on: 24th November

Health Sciences Options' Appraisal

 Download and Read Appraisal

Health Sciences Annex A

 Download and Read Annex A

Give Your Comments

The University wishes to invite comments from all stakeholders for the School of Health Sciences for their comments and thoughts.

There are two ways of completing and submitting your response:

About this consultation

Ulster University is consulting on proposals to relocate the School of Health Sciences from the Jordanstown campus to one (or more) of its three other campuses, alongside an equality impact assessment (EQIA) which will separately consider the impact of each of the possible locations. These consultations will form the basis for the conclusion of a five-year process to implement the relocation of the School of Health Sciences, once it leaves its current base on the Jordanstown campus.

The augmented consultation will re-open on 1st September, with the EQIA open for 12 weeks and the location consultation running concurrently, but for a period of 14 weeks, closing on 6th December.

In addition to inviting online submissions, in order to facilitate an inclusive process in the context of the restrictions on face-to-face events arising from Covid-19, Ulster University will make available online engagement opportunities for interested parties. The views expressed during the consultation will be collated and made available on these web pages.

Equality Screening

In accordance with Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 and commitments made within our Equality Scheme, the University has commenced equality screening in relation to this matter.

We would invite respondents to access and respond as appropriate to the equality screening template.