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ISD Services for Students - ISD

All of our facilities and services are provided to assist you with your studies.

Library Services for Students with Disabilities - Library Services

Ulster University Graduation

Graduation is the culmination of your hard work at Ulster University. It marks an important milestone from where you will embark on a successful career or onto further studies.

Student Portal - ISD

The Student Portal provides easy access to your customisable and personal online services.

Library Services for Associate Students - Library Services

Email - ISD

The University, in co-operation with Microsoft, provides a web-based email service to all students.

Students with Disabilities - Services - Library Services

Student Services - ISD

All of our facilities and services are provided to assist you with your studies.

Passwords - ISD

Password information for use of University services.

Services for Part-Time Students - Library Services

OneDrive - ISD

OneDrive provides 1TB of free online cloud storage (part of Microsoft Office 365 environment).

Student Hubs - ISD

Student Hubs, also known as social learning environments, are available across campuses and are popular with staff and students.

Student Charter - ISD

This Charter sets out the standards of service which the University aims to provide in terms of corporate Library, IT and Reprographic services. The University is committed to aiming for the highest quality possible and this Charter is one way of

Banner - Student Information System - ISD

A database of student records and information maintained by Ulster University.

Passwords - ISD

Password information and good practice.

Services - ISD

The range and scope of customer-focussed services offered by ISD.

Brexit for Students - and Brexit

Information for Current and Prospective students.

Learning Spaces - Library Services

Library Services - Library Services

Computing Facilities - ISD

Information Services is responsible for over 20 IT laboratories (and over 1700 student PCs) throughout the University.

ISD Services for Staff - ISD

We are here to support both academic (teaching & learning) and corporate (promotional, administrative) activities.

Library Resources - ISD

There are Library services to help you on each campus and e-resources available 24 hours per day online.

Ulster University Library Services - Library Services

Software - ISD

Information Services manages a range of software purchased on behalf of the University.

Ulster University ISD - ISD

Information Services is a major University administrative department with responsibilities covering library, academic and administrative computing, digital communications, media-technology services and reprographic services.

About - ISD

The department comprises a directorate, five major divisions, reprographic and archival services and an administration & finance team.

Blackboard Learn - ISD

Blackboard Learn (also known as BB Learn) is the University's virtual learning environment.

Student IT Satisfaction Survey - ISD

As part of our efforts to improve our services and support, ICT Customer Services conduct an annual Student Survey.

Office 365 Single Sign On - ISD

Information Services is undertaking a programme to enhance a number of its online services, including your Office 365 service. An important change is planned to the way you access your University Office 365 account, including your email. The change

Visitors,Guests & Associates - ISD

Information for visitors and associates who require access to University resources.

Student Print - ISD

Students now have access to multi-function devices (MFD) that will allow printing, copying and scanning of documents.

Getting help - ISD

If you have an issue or query, Information Services offers support in a number of ways.

Service desk - ISD

Support enquiries regarding any aspect of services and facilities provided by the department.

Students with Disabilities - Access to Campus Libraries - Library Services

Staff Portal - ISD

A personalised application providing users with easy access to many of the online services provided by the University.

Search - Library Services

Training - ISD

Information Services offers a range of training services for both staff and students.

Student email address change - ISD

Student email address change

Library Services for Students with Disabilities - Special Equipment - Library Services

Core Software - ISD

Every student PC or Macintosh supported by Information Services has a standard desktop and a core set of applications.

Student Office 365 Migration - Self Help Guides - ISD

Video clips providing walk through of some of the main IT services provided to students

Student Accounts - ISD

Student network accounts are created for all students studying on a course on one of the four main campuses.

Student Email Service - ISD

The University, in co-operation with Microsoft, provides a web-based email service to all students.

Password Kiosks - ISD

Dedicated PCs, known as Password Kiosks, are located close to the Library Information Point on each campus.

Students with Disabilities - Emergency Evacuations - Library Services

Financial Information for Students - UU Connect

Financial information for students relating to Fees, loans and bursaries.

Ulster University Library - Library Services

IT policies - ISD

Our policies, standards and guidelines for the secure and reliable delivery of services.

Current Students - Student Administration

Information and services for current students.

Getting Started - ISD

Our guide to user of information services for students.