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Information to help you through the registration and enrolment process is found at Welcome U.

How to enrol

Information on how to enrol for new students and returning students can be found on the student administration section of our site.

Conditions of Enrolment

In enrolling as a student you accept the following eight conditions:

  1. that you have checked and, where necessary, amended and updated your data accurately and fully;
  2. that the University may process your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act;
  3. that you agree to abide by the Statutes, Ordinances, Regulations and Rules of the University for the time being in force, including the University’s acceptable computer use policy;
  4. that you grant consent to the submission of your work to electronic systems for the detection of plagiarism;
  5. that you are, ultimately, liable personally for the payment of tuition fees unpaid by sponsors.
  6. that you agree to abide by the tuition fee refund policy and tuition fee payment policy of the University;
  7. that you are aware of the Deregistration Policy should you wish to withdraw or take a leave of absence
  8. that you understand where to access information on your Rights, Obligations and Complaints

At Online enrolment, you will be issued with a University email account. The University will use this to communicate with you and you are expected to check your University email account regularly and frequently (at least weekly) for important correspondence.

You are also expected to use the Student Portal to obtain information relating to registration and enrolment, examinations (including timetables, decisions of boards of examiners and examination marks) and graduation. The University does not accept responsibility for any consequences arising from failure to check your email account.

Student obligations

We are delighted that you are studying with us at Ulster University. To make sure everything goes smoothly, please read all of the enrolment information below.

You are responsible for enrolling online each academic year via the Student Portal (go to My Studies tab and then to the Registration & Enrolment channel) or directly on the online enrolment pages.