Logos and Guidelines

Download brand guidelines, master artwork versions of all approved logos and editorial guidelines

Ulster University's logo must be used in conjunction with the brand guidelines at all times.

Primary logo

Approved versions of Ulster University's primary logo are available for download here.

For access to other approved logos within the UU brand architecture, please contact your relevant Marketing and Communications contact or email hellomarketing@ulster.ac.uk.

Social media avatar

The approved social media avatar can be downloaded here.

This avatar must be used for all approved Ulster University social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. to implement a unified approach.

This avatar must only be used for social media purposes and must not be used instead of the primary logo in any other instance.

External usage and approvals

For maximum impact and recognition, the Ulster University logo must always be used consistently and correctly.

If an external organisation wishes to use the Ulster University logo for any purpose, they must forward requests to hellomarketing@ulster.ac.uk.

Use of Ulster University's logo on documents, publications, merchandise, online etc. must be approved by the Marketing Team.

Please send all artwork to hellomarketing@ulster.ac.uk for approval.

Brand and Editorial Guidelines

Our brand and editorial guidelines support the development of effective and consistent communications across the University.


Futura PT is the chosen typeface for all design projects and should be used where possible.

This font is preloaded to the Adobe Creative Suite and therefore Designers will have access to it through this software.

For all day-to-day activities e.g. reports, emails, word docs etc. please use the secondary font which is Arial.