Results Day

Find out what happens when you get your results, and how you can make clearing work for you.

Now that you have submitted your application, the next big decision-making window is when you get your results. We know waiting for your results is hard, and it can be unsettling not to know for sure what will happen.

If your application status is pending on UCAS Track, that means we are still considering your application and will make a decision on whether we can still offer you a place or not, based on your results and the number of places available on the course.

You do not need to do anything at this time, you will receive an email to let you know when a decision has been made and your offer status will be updated on UCAS Track.

Results Day and Clearing Advice

Now that you have your results, Ulster University provides advice on next steps, and the Clearing process.


We will be holding a webinar on 12 August at 7pm to talk about what happens when you get your results. Our Engagement Team will be on hand to offer hints and tips for you to get the most from Clearing, and to discuss the various scenarios you may face. There will also be a great opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have.

If you would like more information and advice once you get your results, join our Engagement Team on 13 or 14 August. This is a great opportunity to look in more detail at the subjects available at UU through Clearing. We will provide advice on how you can secure your place on one of our great courses, and will be on hand to answer your questions about the process, and what it’s like to study at Ulster University.

Advice for parents and guardians

We understand that going to university is a big step for your children, and for you! You want the best for your child and we want to assure you that we put our students at the heart of everything we do. Below is some advice on how you can help them prepare for results day.

Be a positive sounding board

Sitting down with your child to discuss their post-school plans can be challenging, especially if they aren’t sure what they want to do next. You can help them by being a positive sounding board and asking questions that’ll help them come to a decision that is right for them.

Research in advance

It pays to research in advance of results day, for all eventualities. Help your child consider alternatives, should they not get their firm or insurance choices, or do better than expected and want to change their choice.

You can browse our courses here to give you ideas.

Discuss if they have a clear idea of what career they want to pursue, or if they have a passion for a particular subject, and see which courses will help them achieve their goals.

On Results Day

Start the day off with a good breakfast. This will help prepare you for the day ahead, and you are more likely to make good decisions when you’re not distracted by hunger.

Results day is an emotional time and it’s important to stay calm and reassure your child. Congratulate them on their hard work and stay positive. If they have not done was well as they had hoped, remember there will be courses available for them to choose from through clearing.

As soon as your child receives their results, it’s worth getting them to check UCAS Track. If they’ve not met the conditions of their firm or insurance choices, they’ll see in Track that they’ve been entered into Clearing. A Clearing number will be provided which they’ll need to hand when they speak to universities.

Encourage your child to seek advice from their teachers and tutors, and also refer to the list of options previously made in advance of results day. Ulster University will be holding a series of webinars around results day with advice on what to do, so keep an eye on our website for more details.

Help your child fill out our enquiry form or call us

When your child has identified a course in which they are interested, help them to fill out our enquiry form. This will help us get the information we need to give your child advice on which courses are suitable for them, and what they have to do now. Remind your child to have their Clearing Number and UCAS ID to hand if calling us, and remember we need to talk directly to your child.

Check the university is right for your child

You want your child’s university experience to be amazing. Make sure the university as accommodation, student activities and teaching and learning support that suits your child.

At Ulster University we take pride in how we look after our students. It’s why we are the number 1 University in Northern Ireland as rated by students themselves.

Have a look at our Family Guide for more information. If you still have questions, please phone us:

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