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In February 2020, Ulster University will once again participate in the 3rd Annual ‘NUS Sustainable Development Goals Teach In’.

The initiative is designed to raise awareness among our students and staff about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and why they should be at the centre of education to motivate the next generation of change agents to take action to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

Last year, Ulster University was one of nineteen Higher Education institutions that took part in the initiative.

Ulster ranked 5th place and 17 members of staff, including 14 from the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, pledged to include the UN Sustainable Development Goals within their teaching, learning and assessments, during the week 18 - 22 February 2019.

Staff are encouraged to ‘Take the Pledge’ to make Ulster University’s contribution bigger and better in 2020 by including a brief overview of the Sustainable Development Goals in your teaching during the NUS Teach In, 17 - 21 February 2020.

You can pledge your participation via the NUS website.

3 easy steps

Here are 3 easy steps to include the SDGs in your teaching:

  1. Introduce the UN Global Goals (2 mins)
  2. Play the star-studded ‘We the People’ for the Global Goals video (3 minutes)
  3. Highlight the Global Goals that are particularly relevant in your module and/or course.

The 2020 NUS Teach In campaign will be launched in partnership with UUSU.

President of Ulster University Students’ Union, Andrew McAnallen, said:

“UUSU has joined democratic bodies across the world, from governments to city councils, in declaring a Climate Emergency.  To empower and inspire our students to be change makers in tackling the climate emergency within their field of expertise, it’s critical that we embed sustainability into every facet of the teaching & learning experience. I encourage our teaching staff to take the pledge and support the NUS Global Goals Teach-In campaign, so Ulster University can excel further as leaders of sustainability.”

Dr Amanda Platt, Lecturer in Higher Education Practice, CHERP, and Chair of the ESD Working Group, said,

“Ulster University has an ongoing commitment to Education for Sustainable Development. We know that the vast majority of our courses already cover ESD related issues and we want to encourage more staff to consider how this global imperative can be developed and more explicitly embedded in the curriculum. The NUS Teach In is an excellent national initiative that supports the institution-wide conversation around Education for Sustainable Development at Ulster.”

Marie-Louise Gaile, Sustainability Manager, Estates Services, added,

“The Environmental Sustainability Steering Group recognises that education is an essential element of the global response to climate change. Educating our students on the SDGs and how they link to their disciplines will help our young people, the next generation, understand and address the impact of global warming, encourage them to change their attitudes and behaviour, and help them adapt to climate change-related trends.”

For more information, contact Dr Amanda Platt, Centre for HE Research & Practice or Marie-Louise Gaile, Sustainability Manager.

Watch the video: ‘We The People’ for the Global Goals.