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Authentic assessment is central to the ethos of Ulster's MEd.

This artefact repository is a collection of some of the outputs created by Ulster staff as part of their coursework.

Digital Stories

PHE712 Enhancing Student Experiences through inclusive, collaborative partnership encourages participants to explore a learning and teaching issue and co-design a solution with their students.

The assessment is split into two parts, a case study report and a digital story reflecting on the process.

A few examples of the digital stories produced by participants are below:

Working with students: Improving the studies advice experience

by Lucia Ramsey

MEd: Don't Fear The Labyrinth!

by Greg O'Hanlon

Continuous Improvement

by Kathryn Williamson

Developing and Disseminating Excellent Practice

PHE 710 Developing Excellence in Learning and Teaching supports participants in thinking about their own practice and how to develop themselves as excellent educators.

One assignment they complete is designed to develop skills in positioning and disseminating their own practice with the intention of helping other educators.

These case studies are designed to show how pedagogic and strategic decisions have been made to inform their approaches to tackling particular teaching situations plus how they have evaluated the effectiveness of these approaches and reflected on the lessons learned.

Dr Rachael Telford

This case study was used to achieve a Professional Practice Innovation award

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MED Artefacts

Action Research Project Outputs

PHE715 Transforming Professional Practice in Higher Education (Negotiated Project)  aims to develop participants' capacity to undertake leadership of strategic pedagogic enhancement initiatives that will improve students' learning experiences through the process of researching their own practice.

Participants are supported to carry out an action research project within their own HE context across one full year (semesters 1, 2 and 3).

The final assessment comprises a project report (6000 words) and a dissemination strategy which incorporates one project artefact or output designed to influence the practice of others.