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Education Excellence Award Winners 2019/2020

Early Career Educator

Educational Leadership

Sustained Educational Excellence

Collaborative Excellence

The Envelope Project: Leading by example: the risks, rewards and results

  • Hazel Bruce (lead)
  • Heather Burgess
  • Mo Morrow
  • Alison Gault
  • Lucy Smyth
  • Trish Belford
  • Maureen Collins
  • Dean Ligget
  • Mary Callan
  • Shonagh Galbraith
  • Kevin Burns
  • Jamie Kerr
  • Barbara Dass

Insights from team collaboration in the co-creation of an effective leadership and management development programme: The Mini MBA

  • Trevor Cadden (Lead)
  • Mark McCrory
  • Nicholas  Read
  • Hadyn Bennett
  • Deborah Sloan
  • Nancy Brown
  • Darryl Cummins
  • Judith McKnight
  • Heather Farley
  • Joan Ballantine
  • Kristel Miller
  • Gerard McFall

Meaningful Assessment for Skills Class

  • Sarah Penney (Lead)
  • Gerard Baxter
  • Mary Marren
  • Bridie Logue
  • Janice Reid

Professional Practice Innovation

Education Excellence Award Winners 2018/2019

Early Career Educator Excellence Award

Educational Leadership Excellence Award

Professional Practice Innovation Award

Collaborative Excellence Award

Education Excellence Award Winners 2017/2018

Collaborative Excellence Award

  • Deborah Sloan (lead), Moira McCarthy, Abbie McKenna and Edel O’Neill
  • Claire Mulrone (lead) and Adrian Hickey
  • Dr Helen Jackson (lead), Dr Jolene Mairs-Dyer and Philip O’Neill
  • Michael Crozier (lead) and James Hanna

Sustained Educational Excellence Award

  • Dr Liz Doherty
  • Danielle McWall
  • Dr Anne Moorhead

Professional Practice Innovation Award

  • Dr Priyank Shukla