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Membership of CHERP is now open to staff and students and applications will be accepted throughout the year.

The University recognises the valuable contributions to learning and teaching made by an increasingly diverse range of staff.

The vitality of this community, committed to the enhancement of the student learning experience and their own higher education practice, has long been evident through the engagement in learning and teaching initiatives and events. CHERP was established in 2008 and since 2010, an annual call has gone out inviting staff to become members; currently we have over 300 members (Fellows and Associates).

CHERP is now seeking to support and facilitate the development and expansion of this community of practice (CoP), through an open call for the appointment of additional CHERP members.

Challenging targets are being set at institutional and faculty level for the next five years which will require significant additional numbers of staff to attain HEA recognition aligned to the UK Professional Standards framework (UKPSF - All staff who have been actively engaged in L&T activities internally and externally will be in a strong position to evidence engagement and impact of their learning and teaching delivery to achieve professional recognition.

The University now has its own Professional Development Scheme (PD Scheme) which allows staff to apply for professional recognition of learning and teaching against one of the descriptors of the UKPSF (Associate Fellow; Fellow; Senior Fellow or Principal Fellow); indeed, each year increasing numbers of staff are achieving HEA fellowship status via our internal PD Scheme or through completion of one of our HEA accredited courses. In support of the strategic development of learning and teaching recognition, CHERP membership is now aligned with HEA fellowship; in other words, HEA fellowship is required as a prerequisite to become a CHERP Fellow.

However, staff and students who have not yet achieved HEA fellowship will be eligible to become a CHERP Associate and will progress to CHERP Fellow on achieving HEA recognition.

Applications for membership

All applications for membership must be submitted electronically via the links below.