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William B Moore

B.A (Hons) Sports Studies & M.Sc. Sport, Exercise and Leisure & Post Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Practice
Graduated 1997, 1998 & 2015
Performance Services Coordinator
Ulster University


Ulster University helped me achieve my current career success by...

enabling me to become an accredited strength and conditioning coach. - William B Moore

My Journey

  • Career Timeline

    Activities I was involved in at Ulster to enhance my employability

    Engaging in independent study/research in the area of strength and conditioning.

    Participation in labs to develop competency in the area of exercise physiology.

    Providing opportunities to coach and assess peers.

  • Career Timeline

    How placement enhanced my employability

    Placement helped me with the development of important transferable skills, team work/interdependence, effective time management and communication skills.

  • Career Timeline

    Top 3 most significant steps on my career path so far

    1. Achieving professional accreditation with both the National and UK strength and conditioning associations,
    2. Obtaining my first role as a strength and conditioning coach, supporting the Tyrone senior football team in 2002/03.
    3. Working with athletes in my current role.

What would your advice to students be?

Find opportunities to undertake voluntary work, shadowing experts within your profession.

Always continue to engage in professional development activities.
- William B Moore