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Robert McTernaghan

BSc (Hons) with Sport Studies & MD of Sport & Media Management
Graduated 2009
Barrister, The Bar of Ireland
Sport Media Management (NI) Limited

Ulster University helped me achieve my current career success by...

providing a fantastic platform to go into any job market. - Robert McTernaghan

My Journey

  • Career Timeline

    Activities I was involved in at Ulster to enhance my employability

    Representing the university and presenting my dissertation to over 300 at the science conference of Ireland at TCD

    I really enjoyed Mr Maurice Field's management module as it was fun but provided us with a sound business knowledge that I still use today in private practice.

    Coaching basketball throughout my time at Ulster also taught me many transferable skills which developed my employability.

  • Career Timeline

    How placement enhanced my employability

    Coaching basketball opened my eyes to the many walks of life in our society but more importantly to have empathy for people.

  • Career Timeline

    How study abroad enhanced my employability

    Studying in Sweden for a semester was an amazing experience for me.

  • Career Timeline

    Top 3 most significant steps on my career path so far

    1. Achieving a fantastic degree at Ulster that allowed me to do a Masters in Law
    2. Winning the European Commission Leonardo di Vinci award and working in Florence Italy for 6 months.
    3. Becoming a barrister and being called to The Bar by the Chief Justice of Ireland in the Supreme Court.

What would your advice to students be?

Never give up, I have so many doubters. Keep them in your mind but achieve what you want for yourself.

If you are not happy please remember you're still able to change your path. Please don't feel that you are restricted and always strive for the top!
- Robert McTernaghan