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John Bustard

MSc Sport Management
Graduated 2015
Doctoral Researcher & Lecturer

Ulster University helped me achieve my current career success by...

providing me with the experience, analytical skills and strategic tools to design and create research proposals which focus on impact and the creation of new knowledge. - John Bustard

My Journey

  • Career Timeline

    Activities I was involved in at Ulster to enhance my employability

    Business Model Innovation was a particular unit which I have manged to apply the learned skills to assist people in visualising their ideas and concepts in simple and easy to apply formats.

    Setting up my own business.

  • Career Timeline

    How placement enhanced my employability

    Through my placement I delivered my final research project which helped to develop both confidence and a specific case where scholarly tools of analysis have been applied.

  • Career Timeline

    Top 3 most significant steps on my career path so far

    1. A Student Exchange Programme to Darwin Australia
    2. Working for Challengersports in the USA
    3. Starting my own business and journeying that (

What would your advice to students be?

Get lots of experience - volunteer if it gets you access to key stakeholders

Create mini experiments in life and work and test them. Don't deal in what if's - deal in what happened!
- John Bustard