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Charlotte McKee

BSc (Hons) Sports Studies
Graduated 2013
Gymnastics Coach at a variety of clubs and schools
Self employed


Ulster University helped me achieve my current career success by...

providing a pathway into a sport were I was able to learn coaching skills and gain a coaching qualifications in a fun and supportive environment. - Charlotte McKee

My Journey

  • Career Timeline

    Activities I was involved in at Ulster to enhance my employability

    During my time at University I gained a scholarship to coach for the gymnastics club based within the university and spent a year within the PE department at Wellington College.

    Both experiences help my confidence grow and taught me how to over come challenges within a work environment.

  • Career Timeline

    How placement enhanced my employability

    My placement year taught me many valuable skills such as time management, organisation, communication and self reflection. These skills have played a huge roll in becoming self employed while working with a variety of employers.

  • Career Timeline

    Top 3 most significant steps on my career path so far

    1. The most significant step after university was achieving my UKCC level 2 General Gymnastics qualification. I worked extremely hard to gain this qualification and as I did not come from a gymnastics back ground I like the underdog and I had something to prove to myself and to others.
    2. Registering as self employed, this does not sound like a significant step to some people however it was when I finally felt yes I can do this as a career.
    3. This month I start my next UKCC level 2 Preschool Gymnastics qualification which will open a pathway into a new discipline within the sport and new opportunities. Education is never wasted, I enjoy gaining more knowledge and improving my abilities and skills.

What would your advice to students be?

Believe in yourself, you will come across many obstacles in your career but do not give up.

Learn to take constructive criticism is will be the making of you!
- Charlotte McKee