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What's next after your degree

It is time therefore to maximise your time as a student in the final stages of your studies so let's help guide you as you continue on your employability journey!

Now that your current university studies are coming to an end you must decide and plan for what you want to do next.

Now that you are in the final stages of your degree and getting ready to graduate it is time to explore all the exciting career options open to you

Explore the School of Sport Graduate Destinations Map

There are many areas that you can use your degree in sport to develop an exciting career path. For some inspiration and advice why not take a look at the School of Sport Graduate Destinations Map to see a range of job sectors and job titles open to you as well as the career journeys taken by some of our graduates in those roles

Also take a look at what jobs in sport may suit you.

Explore our postgraduate study options in the School of Sport

If you enjoyed your time at Ulster and want to keep studying with us in the School of Sport there are many postgraduate qualifications to choose from which will enable you to specialise in your chosen future career.

Explore graduate internships within the sports industry

School of Sport graduates have taken advance of a range of fantastic paid graduate internship opportunities made available via the Career Development Centre.

The Santander SME Internship programme provides recent Ulster University graduates with paid three month graduate roles with small and medium sized employers. Register to access opportunities. If you graduated summer 2016 you can also apply for opportunities available through the Professional Experience Programme by logging in here.  

Also see the careers section below for more details.

Explore the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) recommended career websites

  • Lists studentships in sport and exercise sciences, including PhD positions.
  • -  Lists the job opportunities within the NHS, so mainly for those interested in a clinical career.
  • - Caters for all positions and studentships within higher education, has an easy to use search engine, as well as e-mail updates on job openings. Also includes profiles of potential employers.
  • -  A website for those wanting to work in the leisure and fitness industry, it includes job listings for all the major health clubs and gyms, as well as information on obtaining the correct training to get into the leisure industry.
  • -Focuses mainly on the health and fitness sector. Most of the major health clubs and gyms advertise here.
  • - Caters mainly for teachers but there are job listings for those wishing to go into lecturing in further and higher education.
  • - Advertises jobs in elite level sport.

Explore coaching opportunities with Galaxy Coaching

Galaxy Coaching is a sport and activity coaching company that run after school course in Primary schools across Northern Ireland.

We are looking for Level 1 or equivalent coaches to deliver our coaching programmes mainly in the Belfast/Lisburn and Newry & Mourne areas.

Coaches should have relevant qualifications and also experience in coaching children aged4-11 years.

The programmes include: football, Tag Rugby, Unihoc, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics, Netball, Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Dance and Drama.

Please contact Galaxy Coaching Head Office at or

02890 605605 to request a Coach Application Form.

Explore coaching opportunities in America with UK International Soccer

UK International Soccer were established in 1990 and are one of the largest providers of professional soccer coaching in the USA. The opportunities we offer and the logistics of working for us are all detailed for you.

Please also see our latest recruitment flyer and Job Spec to give you some information on working for us. If you would like to go ahead and apply for a position immediately with UK International Soccer please click here or visit our website.

To discuss this please contact

Gary Fowler

NI & RoI Recruitment Manager
077 5172 7483

Explore which option is best for you after graduation

Ways to get your career on the right path, right now

As you enter your final year at university, it’s a smart idea to get thinking about your job prospects as soon as possible. so it is important to be switched on to early deadlines and know about the range of graduate schemes, programmes and opportunities that are available to you – and how you can be successful in your application.

The most successful students are those who have done their research, are aware of what they need to do and by when, and are proactive in achieving their goals. Many employers and training providers recruit early in final year

We’re here to guide and help you every step of the way.

Firstly, consider the degree you have chosen and where it could take you. Some degrees are vocational, where you are training for a specific job role. Others are non-vocational where the degree can lead to many different career paths.

Either way, while you are studying at university it is useful to know what your options are and to keep focussed on both achieving a good degree, and developing the skills, qualities and experience required for any given future graduate career.

Ready to get started?

Find out more about what you can do with your degree, by taking a look at the main graduate career websites:

What are your options after you graduate?

Remember that many career pathways are open to graduates from any degree discipline, so there are multiple possibilities. You just have to identify what they are and where to find those opportunities.

To help you, we’ve highlighted these useful links:


Prepared to apply for employment

Fine tune your graduate job hunting skills

Not sure how to prepare for employment

Start developing your experience

Further Study

Prepared to apply for further study

Learn about further study

Find out about teacher training

Graduate Internships

Ulster University offers graduate internships exclusively to recent Ulster graduates. You can begin to apply towards the end of your final year.

Get more information on graduate internships

Self Employment

Working for yourself is an option for any new graduate. Find out if it's right for you and what it takes to set up your own business.

Having the drive to start out on your own is half the battle, but the key question is “Where do I go from here?”  To find out more about what’s involved, check out The Ortus Group's guide.

Check out these inspiring case studies where local businesses have achieved great success from a standing start.

Time out

Perhaps after your final year the only thing you can think about is taking some time out. That's ok but you can still use this time effectively. Click to find out if you should take a gap year after university

EDGE Award

Explore how you will achieve the EDGE Award by selecting the final activities you need to complete it.

Check how many activities you have completed.

Graduate Internships

Watch now

Start putting your plans into action!


It’s time to plan some more work experience

You need to keep enhancing your CV and adding to your work experience, ideally in an area of the sports industry you are keen to gain employment in later on.

The final stages of your studies however should be focused on getting the best degree possible so make sure you keep this a priority.

Planning to do a PGCE? Here is some preparation advice

As well as being given the opportunity to study modules in physical education across all three year groups students are able to volunteer on short and long sports outreach programmes to better prepare their profile for selection onto post graduate certificate in education courses i.e. teacher training courses.

Applications for the PGCE (PE) course on our Coleraine campus are completed online and normally open in September each year.

The closing date varies annually so students need to check this and complete their application in good time.

Applications to PGCE courses in the England and Wales are through UCAS, these courses fill up very quickly so students are advised to apply early in semester one.

As well as getting information on the application process in the final year PE module students can also access great support from the Career Development Centre on the Mall.

In your final year it is still important to gain as much experience as you can for you to be successful in finding a graduate job after university

Plan to get involved with School of Sport volunteering, coaching & extra qualification opportunities

The School of Sport offers many opportunities for you to get involved in which will look good on your CV. They include:


The GymFUN employability and teacher training programme has been developed in the School of Sport to help address the workforce gaps experienced in clubs and schools across Northern Ireland.

Our students often aspire to working in school and community settings where gymnastics provision/services are in high demand.

Through the provision of quality training, work based learning experiences, formal qualifications and employment opportunities the GymFun programme helps increase the quality of gymnastics and fundamental movement skills teaching/coaching in Northern Ireland.

GymFun provides our students and teachers with opportunities to grow in confidence teaching and coaching gymnastics skills so that they can provide increased opportunities and help grow the sport during their time at university and after they graduate.

GymFun students are currently working in over 12 Gymnastics clubs throughout the province. You could be one of them!

Students who get involved in the GymFun programme will:

  • Have increased knowledge and confidence to deliver gymnastics and fundamental movement activities in club setting or as part of the PE Curriculum.
  • Have specific knowledge and understanding of how to introduce and develop a range of gymnastics/fundamental skills in a safe and progressive manner.
  • Hold a recognised British Gymnastics Qualification.
  • Be familiar with and have explored the use of a range of resources and how to use these to enhance the delivery of gymnastics activities.
  • Gain quality voluntary and paid work experiences in one of the many partner clubs.

Sports Outreach

Sports Outreach facilitates a range of programmes which aim to widen access to sport and physical activity for disadvantaged young people across the province.

Volunteering opportunities exist for School of Sport students in a range of sport and physical activity programmes.

Sign up information will be available on the Blackboard student support area from September 26th 2016.

Please see the Sports Outreach website for more details.

Active IQ fitness qualifications

The School of Sport offers a range of Active IQ courses for you to gain fitness qualifications during your time as an Ulster student.

These qualifications are a great opportunity to gain the qualifications necessary to gain employment in the fitness industry.

There are a variety of courses available, please contact Rachael Telford further details.

Plan to be involved in Work Based Learning Opportunities

As part of the assessment in the final year PE module students are required to plan, prepare, teach and reflect upon a PE lesson based on the national curriculum for PE post primary aged children.

Plan your Ulster EDGE award activities

As part of the SLS523 PE module all final years will have the opportunity to complete PPD??? Developing a Resilient Mindset. You will also have the opportunity to complete PPD258 Project Yourself with Confidence.

Also take a look at the careers section below to plan your other EDGE activities.

Interested in planning to start up your own sports business?

Have you completed coaching or fitness qualifications and would like to develop your own business using these?

Now is the ideal time to meet with an business manager to develop a business plan and make that dream a reality!

Free training at City Business Hub: City Business Hub offers a wide range of free taster workshops provided by local businesses who are leaders in their field. Workshops are only 1.5 hours and give you an opportunity to up-skill in a new area and network with a wide range of other local businesses.


Meet with your studies advisor & create an action plan

The final stages of your studies are an extremely busy time so it's best arrange a meeting with your studies advisor as soon as possible  to devise an action plan of achievable targets for completing activities that will enhance your employability before you graduate!

Attend the School of Sport Employability Fair

The School of Sport Employers Fair in November is a great opportunity to network with future employers and to ask them questions.

Plan for your graduate career by researching your options and how to be successful in the recruitment process

Plan your next move in getting the career you want

Finding the perfect job takes organisation and planning. The sooner you start, the sooner you can make the most of the opportunities available to you through the university.

Graduate Jobs

From the start of your final year you can apply for graduate jobs and schemes. Thousands of roles are advertised each year and many large graduate recruiters have deadlines early in final year so be aware of these dates and their application procedures.

Find out more

We advertise graduate jobs through Graduate Recruit. You can plan how to Apply and Compete so you hit the ground running when it comes to making your application.

Graduate Internships

These are paid roles that are exclusive to Ulster graduates.

Find out more

Graduate Training Programmes

Check out our Facebook page Careers at Ulster regularly to find out about programmes and schemes that are available for new graduates.

Additional information

Plan how you are going to complete your EDGE Award

Check your EDGE progress and plan which activities you can complete in your final year.


Volunteering is not only your chance to give something back to the community, but also enables you to try different areas of work, gain critical work experience and develop transferable skills that will strengthen your CV. Find volunteering advice and opportunities that suit your interests and career aspirations with our recommended resource. Book a careers appointment and search for opportunities on Recruit.

Plan and research a start up business

You have a business idea? Great, now is the time you need to expand this and flesh out your planning.  Use this guide to writing a business plan and contact Ortus to access business planning support.

Take control of your career in your final year

Minimise your anxiety and maximise your success by going in with your eyes open and your mind fully prepared for the challenges that await you.

Visit the Employability Portal to the skills section.  This will give you information on the skills you need to sell yourself and everything you need to know about different graduate recruitment processes.

Search for graduate jobs

All graduate jobs that come into the University are advertised on Careers Connect. You can search for graduate jobs, set up your own weekly job alerts, sign up for our employer events or career masterclasses and book your own careers advice appointments.

Graduate internships

We have paid graduate internships exclusive to Ulster University graduates that lead to job offers more than half the time. The Professional Experience Programme (PEP) and Santander SME Internship programme can be extremely useful to final year students as they progress through your final year. Register now to view opportunities.

Ready to start your own business?

Sign up at City Business Hub and attend a free workshop to network and expand your knowledge base. Check out Ortus City Business Hub.

Professional Experience Programme

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Checklist the School of Sport recommends you complete by the end of your degree

  1. Aimed to have ideally have accumulated 2 years’ worth of work experience, ideally within the sports industry.
  2. Attained over 60% in each of your modules.
  3. Been proactive with seeking advice about your CV and finalising this document to maximise how your sporting involvement and work experience in the sports industry set you apart.
  4. Created a LinkedIn profile and have established a network of contacts within the sports industry.
  5. Thought about your responses when you are contacted about the National Student Survey and the DLHE Survey to help the School of Sport with future course developments.

Checklist the Careers Development Centre recommends you complete by the end of university

Check your progress so far

By this stage in your studies, according to the Career Development Centre, you should be able to say yes to the following activities:

  • I have researched my career options and understand what it takes to get into my area of interest
  • I have developed my CV for graduate level employment
  • I have learned about the range of activities in the graduate recruitment process and practiced interviews and psychometric tests
  • I have made applications for graduate roles/further study opportunities
  • I have developed my LinkedIn profile and made new connections to develop my network.
  • I have met with my Career Development Consultant to discuss my options and how to move forward
  • I have achieved 4 activities for the EDGE Award or 6 activities for EDGE Excel

Graduate Internships

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